Restaurant Review: Nolita at Bonifacio High Street

I used to hate Thursdays because we need to wake up earlier and go home later than the usual. Before, we would just leave the car at home and rely on our very efficient transportation system (insert sarcasm here). But because of the Christmas rush and the very erratic weather, my husband and I decided that it would be more practical to bring our car. Plus, it’s actually cheaper because my husband spends more in cab rides when we’re commuting. So instead of endlessly whining why the burden always goes to middle class taxpayers like us, my husband and I just decided to transform our Thursday “ordeal” into a good chance to spend time together. Kaya yari kami kapag nagkaroon na rin ng coding sa BGC. Nyemas na ‘yan! =))

But last Thursday, my husband needed to work overtime so we had to cancel our dinner date. Well, nag-KFC naman kami. Kailangan kasi namin humabol sa Got To Believe! :p So the following day, we decided to have another dinner date.

After our very pleasant Thursday date nights at Mamou, Saboten and Conti’s, we decided to leave Serendra alone for a while and explore the different restaurants along Bonifacio High Street. The first restaurant we spotted was a Korean restaurant which I have been meaning to try. Unfortunately, I had a Korean lunch with my teammates. We then saw Nolita. I was craving for pizza so I convinced Boyet to give it a try.

We arrived a bit early for dinner time so we easily scored a table inside the restaurant. Not long after, the place was immediately filled! The interiors are a bit bare but quirky. I love the menu board written in colorful chalks, the semi-open kitchen and the lamps. I wasn't able to take a photo of the lamps so you have to go to Nolita to see what I’m talking about. Super cute! =)

I looked at the glass stand and noticed the huge pizza slices. I would have wanted to try as much as I could, but I knew that it was impossible given the VERY generous serving.

My husband and I shared a slice of pepperoni pizza. I wanted to be more adventurous and try another variety, but pepperoni pizza is one of my favorites. And I reserved my tummy and my palates for a very cheesy treat. You’ll know it very shortly.
DSC_1022Pepperoni Pizza PHP160

Anyway, I love this pepperoni pizza!!! It may look too simple and a bit boring, but the flavors are definitely the exact opposite of how it looks like. I love the pungent taste of the pepperoni complementing the creaminess of the cheese. I also like that the crust is thin enough to highlight all the flavors of the toppings, yet thick enough to hold everything. I am definitely going back to try the other pizza flavors!

Now, this is what I was talking about!!!

I have long wanted to eat a hearty mac & cheese, but I don’t know a lot of restaurants with mac & cheese on their menu. As soon as the “mac & cheese” on the menu board and my eyes met, I knew that it would definitely be a part of our dinner.

DSC_1038Stovetop Mac & Cheese PHP310

When I had my first bite, I got worried that my husband might not like it. I love blue cheese (some spell it as bleu), but I wasn’t sure whether my husband would appreciate it. I know a lot of people who find the taste of blue cheese weird. But I am weird that’s why I love blue cheese. Hihi! Aside from blue cheese, it also has white cheddar and gouda cheese.

I love Nolita’s mac & cheese! It tastes really sosyal because of the fine selection of cheeses. Hihi. I must warn you though that some people might not like this especially if you’re not accustomed to the “weirdness” of the blue cheese. But surprisingly, my husband liked it. ^_^ I can still vividly remember how my taste buds jumped out of joy after eating this. =)

Nolita (North of Little Italy)
Unit SE-UG202, Bonifacio High Street Central,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City

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  1. Nakakainis naman bat ang layo ko sa mga gusto kong kainan. last year ko pa gusto itry si Nolita eh!

  2. it was featured sa krisTV tol. Kaya lang naman ang layo layo. :( Sana mapadpad din ako sa the fort! Hihihihi

  3. I can't really keep up with the many restaurants sprouting like mushrooms in BGC. Thank you because through your blog, I get to know the relatively new ones. Hay, I think I need to go on a food trip there soon. Pera na lang ang kulang. Haha. :)


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