Throwback Thursday: Santacruzan

It’s May, and I think it’s only fitting to have a Throwback Thursday post like this. Philippines, being a fusion of various cultures and influences has a lot of interesting traditions. One proof to that is the number of festivals that we hold throughout the year.

Santacruzan is a very popular religious tradition which is celebrated through a grand procession to commemorate St. Helena’s journey in finding the Holy Cross. Ang tanong ko ngayon, bakit Reyna Elena ang tawag sa bida ng Santacruzan at hindi Reyna Helena? Sa Pampanga ba nag-originate ang Santacruzan? :p

Growing up, my cousin and I would always talk about wanting to join the Santacruzan. Cute naman kami nung bata, pero ewan ko bakit mailap sa amin ang makuhang Sagala. Haha! My mother even kept a gown which was used by my cousin for my parents’ wedding. I liked that gown so much that I used to wear it almost every day. Pagkaligo ko, eto agad isusuot ko bago ko magpalit ng pambahay! :p

By the time that we were finally invited to join the Santacruzan, my gown no longer fits me. Gustong-gusto kong isuot. Pinilit ko si Mama, kaso hanggang tuhod ko na lang! =)) I think I was 10 when I joined. Too bad my younger brother was also invited. I was forced to have him as my “escort”. It’s not that I don’t want my brother to be with me. But I had always dreamed of being Reyna Judith! ‘Yung may hawak ng pugot na ulo! HAHAHAHA! Joke lang! :p Abes was too excited. As a matter of fact, my mother caught him waving while we were supposed to have our afternoon nap. Practice kung practice! :p

After our Santacruzan experience, hindi na ako umulit! HAHAHAHA!!! Kung ikaw ba ang pagsuotin ng ganyan, (at ang hair!!!) uulit ka pa ba?! :p


  1. Hindi ako tumawa.. Promise hahaha! Inggit ako never nag ganyan!

  2. Hahaha, ang cute nyong magkapatid, in fairness. Pati expression nyo, panalo. :)

  3. Cute naman ung gown ah! :P


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