Throwback Thursday: Little Abes

My younger brother was born when I was six years old. My parents planned it. They wanted me to be old enough to handle the responsibilities of being an older sister. I remember how my parents talked to me when my mom was still pregnant. They assured me that the arrival of my baby brother does not mean that they would love me less. If they say those words again to me today, I’d say, “Echos!” =))

They say that a camera captures precious moments. I was surprised that my brother and I shared a lot of these. I guess my mom wasn’t too attentive in capturing those times when we’d pull each other’s hair or throw anything at each other. It’s true that one kid makes you a parent, two or more will make you a REFEREE!

O ‘di ba, ang sweet namin?! Hindi halatang minsan binato ko siya ng hair brush sa sobrang inis ko sa kanya! Hindi rin halatang kinukutus-kutusan niya ko ng bonggang bongga!

At six, I was told to be more patient. Ate ka. Mas matanda ka kaya dapat pagbigyan mo si Abes. But I was still a kid. And on times when he’d get into my nerves, I’d pinch him. He’d pinch me too. I’d throw something at him. He’d throw something back. And then he’d run to my mother, crying with his most kawawa look. Grrr! He was such an evil manipulator! Hahaha! =))

Who would have thought that these two little creatures will eventually despise each other? Hahahaha!!! Don’t get me wrong. I love my brother! But he is now in a stage where he has more traits that I hate than I love. :p

I took care of this little rascal ever since he was born. So now when I get angry at him, I would always remind him all my “sacrifices” when he was still a baby. Ako sumaway sa’yo nung kumakain ka ng t*e! Ako nagtanggal ng building blocks sa bibig mo dahil muntik mo ng lunukin! Ako ang nagpapalit ng lampin mo! But I am not always the good older sister. One time, I tricked him in eating grapes that I placed in the dining table. He was chewing for almost one minute until he realized that the thing inside his mouth was too chewy for a grape. Of course! It was a fake grape! Uso ‘yung pekeng ubas ‘nung '90s e! Nyahahaha!!! Hanggang ngayon, sinusumbat niya sa’kin ‘yun!

Here’s another funny anecdote about my brother. It’s even funnier than this picture! I really hope he doesn’t kill me for this post. =))

Believe me, the above photo has a connection to my story. :p

When he was two years old, he loved going to our grandmother’s house. He loved it so much that my mom got irritated because Abes would always ask if he could go to my lola’s house. One day, my mom asked Abes to leave the house and stay with lola forever. Remember, he was only two years old. Patola din ‘tong nanay ko e! :p

Mama said, “O sige, kung gusto mo, doon ka na tumira sa lola mo.” Abes then went to our room. And after a few minutes, we saw some clothes falling down the stairs. He excitedly asked my mom while holding his very few clothes, “Mama, kasya na ‘to?” Everybody laughed! Maglalayas talaga ang mokong! My mom said, “Maglalayas ka na lang, puro brief pa ang dala mo!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!

P.S. Look at my legs on the second photo. Ang haba dabah?! Everybody predicted that I’d join Binibining Pilipinas because I was really tall when I was young. Ayan, hindi na ako lumaki. Ang lalakas ng mga usog nila. :p

Happy Thursday! ^_^


  1. sa wakas! ang cute ni abes. bwahahahaha.. pero mas cute siya ngaun :p #kerekeng

  2. Tol buti ka nga naranasan mong maging matangkad. Ako NEVER! Pandak forever. Ahahaha.. Bata palang ako sinasabihan na ko ni Mila na wala kong pag asang MAGING FA.

  3. Hahaha, ang cute nyong dalawa. Kami lang yata ng brother ko ang hindi nag-away masyado nung bata. 6 years din age gap namin, pero nadagdagan kami ng kapatid (kala ko kami lang dalawa eh), apat na kami lahat at nag-iisang lalaki sya. :)

  4. Naku dalawa palang kau nyan ni Abes, could you imagine pano pa kaya kaming 6 na magkakapatid?! Riot to the highest level! LOL!

    OO nga ang haba ng legs mo, anyare teh?! Buti ka nga umabot sa ganyang level, ung legs ko kinder palang tumigil na sa paghaba! LOL!


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