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I have been meaning to get myself a pair of Suelas flats ever since my favorite blogger, Patty Laurel, posted it on her blog. But since I am a very visual person, I was too scared to place an order online and regret it later on just because I don’t like how it fits me. Most of their shops are quite far from the cave that I’m currently living in so I ended up just salivating over those cute flats as I check out their website regularly.

And then one day, a kind-hearted fairy godmother looked into my heart and granted my wish! It started when I saw a SUELAS sign on one of the buildings along Jupiter St. in Makati. So just to confirm, I tweeted Suelas to ask when it would be operational. Incidentally, the grand opening was scheduled the following day! To make things even better (well, worse for my wallet), they were giving 25% discounts on selected items on the first two days of their operation. So you probably know what happened next.

Joie and I agreed to meet on a Saturday afternoon to take advantage of the sale. Suelas is at the second floor of Dona Consolacion Building which also houses a salon, a spa and various boutiques. As soon as I got a glimpse of Suelas, my heart immediately jumped out of my chest. It was as if everything was in slow motion, way better than the first time I met my husband. The Imelda Marcos in me was suddenly awakened. But I don’t think Imelda Marcos wears flat shoes. Hahaha! Ang arte! :p

Boyet and I were greeted by Miss Cris who was very helpful throughout our stay. Plus, she was very patient dahil maya’t maya siyang inaasar ng asawa ko. :p

I checked out everything. The one thing I don’t like about online shopping is the fact that a lot of items out there look good on photos. And that’s just about it. When you have it delivered on your doorsteps, you end up being disappointed. How you wish you just purchased the photo and not the actual items. But Suelas is different! Their shoes are just as beautiful as they are in the photos. Of course, Patty Laurel’s feet are prettier than mine, but I still think I look good with my Suelas on. :p
DSC_1446 Celebracion

DSC_1449Suelitas *cuteness overload*

By the time Joie arrived, I have already tried out all the shoes (except for the Suelitas, of course) and paid for my purchases.

I realized that I don’t have flat sandals so I immediately purchased this. Don’t worry. No animals were harmed for the making of these sandals.

DSC_1470 Esparto Leopard PHP850

I know my feet very much. I know that if there are two colors that suit me well, these are cream and silver/gray. I wanted to buy a plain flat shoes for my casual dresses so I also bought these cuties.

DSC_1477 Llanura PHP850 (25% off)

I was about to pay, but since Joie was still “missing”, I got tempted to buy another pair! I stayed in front of the mirror for a good 10 minutes, trying to intellectualize my decision. Will I buy it or not? Then, hubby said, “Go for it!” Ay! Kunsintidor much!!! Being the submissive wife that I am, I followed my husband’s wish. :p

DSC_1461 Edgy PHP1300(?) (25% off)

I actually went to Suelas to buy this cute topsider as it was part of my birthday wish list. It was the first pair that I tried. Unfortunately, they don’t have a size 5. And to make things worse, Joie was able to buy it. :p

suelas Photo taken from

I also wanted to buy this. Kaso, pinandilatan na ako ng asawa ko. Abuso na nga naman ako. :p It was a blessing in disguise because it would be harder to explain 5 new pairs of shoes to my mother. :p

Honeycomb BlackPhoto taken from

Each pair comes with a pouch that is very suitable for traveling.

Rumors are actually true. Suelas shoes are very comfortable! So sobrang lambot, gusto kong gawing unan. Haha! Chos! And Miss Cris demonstrated how the shoes can be folded. I asked her if folding it will not cause any damage to the shoes. She told me that the materials used for all their products are of high quality making their shoes fit for folding. It’s really perfect for traveling and for women on the go!

Unit 204 Dona Consolacion Building,
122 Jupiter St., Makati

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  1. nagamit ko na yung sakin.. hihi.. inferness.. di talaga sumakit paa ako.. at walang BAND-AID kahit first time ko gamitin! :D

  2. O_O LIMA?! Grabe. Akala ko, addict na ko, mas grabe ka pala. Hahaha. Will definitely drop by their shop soon. Most likely super ganda ng shoes nila dahil naka lima ka. :P

  3. Been looking for foldable flats for the longest time. Maganda ba si suelas?? Size 3 ako tol eh. Meron kaya?

  4. Hi Jerelit! I've been wanting to purchase pair from Suelas but I'm quite reluctant with their sizes. Although they have a size chart provided (, I find it weird that I landed in size 6? while my feet is normally size 8 to 9 on local brands.

    Are their sizing consistent with local brands or at least with your average shoe size?

    Thanks :)


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