Bizarre Reunion at Paeng’s Midtown Bowl

Christmas season is the best time to hold reunions. This is the time when you usually gather with family and friends you don’t normally see. I was praying to be finally reunited with my college best friends, but these two career women are busier than a wall clock! Years from now, it will not be unlikely for me to go through their personal secretaries to schedule an appointment just to have coffee with them. But since Erlie finally has a more stable work schedule, and with Aubrey’s new-found “freedom”, we were able to make a reunion happen. We also invited Jeff, Joie and Burt. Akala ko talaga, kailangan ko pang magpakasal uli para lang magkita-kita kami! :p

Before catching an MMFF movie, we decided to kill time by going to Paeng’s Midtown Bowl. The weekend rate for a bowling game is PHP140. Shoe rental costs PHP30.

While Burt and Boyet were buying our movie tickets, Jeff, Joie, Erlie and I played bowling. Aubrey refused to join us and acted as our official photographer. She said that she’s too clumsy to play. Pero feeling ko, nagtitipid lang siya! :p Instead of playing, she just made the bowling alley as a backdrop for her OOTD post. :p

I am not really into bowling. I don’t even know whatever Physics is behind it. I just grab the lightest ball, and throw it with whatever force I have left in my body.

I was surprisingly leading the game, while Joie was consistently the KANAL QUEEN! Bwahahahaha!!! Ang lakas mo magyaya ng bowling ha! :p

In the middle of my winning streak, my very-loving-yet-super-duper-epal husband came into the picture and volunteered to throw a ball for me. You probably guessed what happened next. He was undoubtedly crowned as KANAL KING! He even took over Joie’s turn. But unlike me, Joie had nothing to lose. :p Natalo tuloy ako ni Jeff!!!

P1140140Kung maka cross ng legs ang lolo mo, akala mo may tatamaan! 

P1140150 ‘Yung katabi ko, may hangover pa sa outfit “pictorial” niya! :p

P.S. All photos courtesy of Jeff Chiu

Paeng's Midtown Bowl
Level 2
Padre Faura Wing
Robinson's Place Manila

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