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One of the best things about Christmas is the thrill of figuring out what’s inside those carefully-wrapped gifts given to us by our loved ones. If you’re married, I know that you’ll agree with me that giving gifts to your spouse entails a lot of strategizing. If you want the element of surprise to be retained, then you have to be discreet in finding out what’s on their wish list. It may also require a lot of sneaking out as you usually go to the mall together.

I got my gift for hubby delivered to my office on December 21. I wrapped it and gave it to him that same day. With his very low EQ, I knew that he wouldn’t wait for Christmas and he'd open his gift right away. But since marriage is also a battle of tactics, he took out his gift for me after I gave mine to him!

books, Lego
Me: Buksan mo na ‘yan! Para maisukat mo at maibalik ko pa kapag hindi kasya sa’yo.
Hubby: Weh?! E bakit may tumutunog? LEGO ‘to e!
Me: Bakit mo inalog? Punch bowl ‘yan! Binasag mo!
Hubby: Hindi ko ‘to bubuksan! Mataas EQ ko. Ikaw, buksan mo na ‘tong gift ko.
Me: Ayoko! Alam ko na ‘yan e.
Hubby: Hindi mo ‘to mahuhulaan!
Me: Libro kaya ‘yan.
Hubby: Hindi ha!
Me: FULLY BOOKED kaya ‘yung nasa card! HAHAHAHA!!!
Hubby: Hindi ko kasi matanggal kanina.
Me: Percy Jackson ‘yan. Sure ako! :p

Since both of us refused to open our gifts, we decided to just do it on Christmas day. So after hearing mass, we rushed to our room to unwrap our gifts.

books, Lego LEGO Architecture (White House) for Hubby

books, LegoPercy Jackson for Wifey

He asked me a couple of weeks before Christmas if I already have the complete set of Percy Jackson. I’ve always wanted to get it, but I still have a LOT of unread books. So even if I figured out the surprise earlier than I should have, I was still giddy after seeing the books.

Hubby finished building the White House in two hours. I tried to mess around when he was segregating the blocks! Teehee!

Hubby: Ang mahal ng gift mo sa’kin. Nakakainis ka. Sabi pa naman sa’kin ng cashier sa Fully Booked ang galante daw ng gift ko sa’yo.
Me: Oo! Mahal ‘yan! Wala sa Toys ‘R Us ‘yan.
Hubby: Magkano?
Me: Seven thousand kaya bili ko doon.
Hubby: Seryoso?!

When some married couples ask for LV bag or Iphone5 from each other, we are more than happy with books and toys. :p

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  1. wow! parehas na parehas pa kau ng message sa card ah! Ang sweeeeet! Puro baby ung nabasa ko. LOL!

    Naku yung asawa kong nuknukan ng kuripot wala talagang gift sakin! Hahaha! Love and care daw gift nya sakin this Christmas! Lintik na yan! Hahaha!


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