Reader’s Corner #4: Erika and Melissa

Last week, I posted a message on my Facebook page for my dear readers.

Yes, you may now comment in my blog through your Facebook account. Sa lahat ng mga nag-request, ayan na. Sa lahat ng mga nagreklamo na hindi sila makapag-comment dahil wala silang Google account, yari kayo sa akin kapag hindi nyo ginamit ‘yang comment box na ‘yan! :p

What really surprised me was the reaction I got from people since I also posted that message in my personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. People started to LIKE/FAVORITE my shoutout/tweet, and I got a couple of new LIKEs in my Facebook page. And that same week, two things happened which made me appreciate this blog more.

1. A reader named Erika celebrated her 25th birthday last week. Since we’re now FB friends, and we “follow” each other on Twitter, I tweeted her a birthday greeting. I was in the bathroom (kadiri, ‘no?!) when I read her weird reply.

She made it look like a celebrity greeted her on her birthday. I still get kilig when my favorite blogger Patty Laurel replies to my tweets. But I am not Patty Laurel. I don’t even come close. Kaya ang nangyari, kinilig ako na kinilig si Erika sa tweet ko! :p

So though it's already a week late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIKA! Kapag kinilig ka pa naman nyan, ewan ko na sa'yo. :p

2. Another reader named Melissa replied to my Facebook page. She thanked me for INSPIRING her. I was stunned! INSPIRE is such a strong word. I don’t know how all my quirky ideas inspire people. But apparently, some people do get inspired reading this blog. If my readers only knew how often I get uninspired. Minsan nga, EXPIRED na lagi ang feeling ko. There are days when I worry that I'm already writing nonsense stuff that do not deserve my readers' time. But then again, I might be doing something really right here. :)

I used to just blog about food and the places that I’ve been. But lately, I’ve been writing about the most random things I can think of. Aside from A Breeze of Good Deeds and Je Tries To Cook, I recently added Top 10 in the roster of all my non-food entries. And in the next few days, I’ll be writing another “series” so readers can get to know me as a “real” person and not just the blogger behind the keyboard. I owe it to myself too. This is an online diary after all. :)

So again, thank you! It's nice that I'm actually building "virtual friendships" through this blog. You may look at me as an inspiration. But the truth is, you inspire me to write more. :) I may not be the most famous blogger in the online world, but I surely have the sweetest readers on Earth. Kahit na 10 lang kayo! Pero feeling ko, 20 na kayo ngayon e! :p


  1. Nakaka-inspire talaga yung mga readers noh? *sigh*

  2. Nyahahaha.. Kinilig din ako dhil kinilig ka na may kinilig sayo. Weird much! :)


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