Restaurant Review: Restaurant Review: Mongkok at Robinsons Manila

After hearing some bad news, I just wanted to go home, curl up in my bed and cry. But my husband was persistently trying to make me feel better. Before my retail therapy a few weeks ago, Boyet and I had lunch at the newly-opened Mongkok at Robinsons Place Manila. I first visited their Robinsons Galleria branch three years ago and never got the chance to try it again.

Hubby knows that siomai makes me really happy. Until now, he surprises me by bringing home Potdog when he’s out to do some errands. When we’re in a Chinese restaurant, he always asks me what kind of dumplings I want. And over the years, he has perfected the calamansi-toyo-chili combination for our dip. He used to hate spicy foods, but I think his taste buds learned to adapt with mine.

DSC_0204 Japanese Siomai PHP80

Though it may not be the best Japanese siomai on Earth, Mongkok’s version is really good. I’m not sure if it’s because of the siomai or the calamansi because I heard the waitress teasing the head chef by saying, “Ano ba ‘tong calamansi natin? Malala pa sa dalanghita sa laki!” In fairness, tama si ate! :p

Again, it’s a mortal sin to get plain rice when you’re in a Chinese restaurant. Mongkok’s Yang Chow Fried Rice is such an eye candy with the bright yellow rice and the colors brought by the meat and vegetables. It’s also not oily so you get to taste all the flavors and not the excess oil.

DSC_0213Yang Chow PHP180

Since I was moody that day, I just told my husband to just get one more dish. I wasn’t hungry anyway.

Boyet: Miss, ano ‘tong Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin?
Waitress: Sir, beef tapos Chinese Style ang luto.
Boyet and Je: HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Waitress: Haha! Sir, medyo matamis yan. :)
Boyet: Ok sige, isang Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin!

E madali naman kaming kausap! :p

DSC_0210 Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin PHP280

When the dish was served, Boyet immediately devoured into the beef tenderloin. He looked at me and said, “Ah! Tocino! Pinahirapan pa tayo ni ate.”

This one tastes good. The dish actually does have a big similarity with a usual tocino, but the meat is leaner, juicier and not as sweet. :)

Level 4
Robinsons Place Manila

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