Restaurant Review: Army Navy

My husband and I had been to Army Navy countless of times but always on separate occasions. There was a time when I was still in my previous work in Makati when Chod, our designated “order-taker” would always suggest having Army Navy delivered to us for lunch. Though I still think that their burgers are a bit dry for my taste, I still keep on coming back for their burritos. On the other hand, I was surprised to know that my husband frequents Army Navy. Knowing his taste, burgers and burritos are the last thing that he’d eat if given the choice.

We’ve been meaning to go to its Jupiter branch which just opened earlier this year, but the parking space was always full. But luck was on our side one night as we finally had the chance to go to Army Navy together. :)

I would have wanted to have a burrito again that night, but I was still too full from lunch. I haven’t tried their quesadillas so I opted to get one. Steak Quesadilla may not be as filling as the Steak Burrito, but there’s no disparity with the richness of the flavors between the two. I was a bit hesitant to get this because the usual quesadillas (or even burritos) with beef have rubbery meat. Most of the time, you don’t have any choice but to spit it out. Fortunately, the beef chunks from my quesadilla are very tender. The beef goes really well with the sweetness of the melted cheese and the savory flavors of the tomatoes and onions. Put some salsa and Army Navy’s special dip, and you’ll surely be transported to Mexico. :p

DSC_0232 Steak Quesadilla PHP165

Hubby was more excited with dinner because he wanted to have their Fearless Fried Chicken.

Je: Saan tayo kakain?
Hubby: Army Navy! Army Navy!
Je: Ok!
Hubby: Ayos! Oorder ako ng chicken! Yahoo!!!
Je: Excited?! E ‘di sana nag Jollibee na lang tayo?!
Hubby: Tse! Mas masarap gravy nila dito. Wait and see!

DSC_0243Fearless Fried Chicken PHP165 

I was immediately convinced that their chicken is really special when my husband took his first bite. I could hear a crack when he bit the chicken. He’s also right about the gravy. It surely does bring out the flavors of the chicken, which by the way is already very juicy. The gravy has lots of cracked peppercorns which gave it a sharp flavor. Army Navy’s Fearless Fried Chicken is truly for the fearless!

Army Navy
Jupiter St., Bel-Air,
Makati City

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  1. I soo love their quesadilla's! It's drool-worthy! Natakam tuloy ako, ngayon pang disi-oras ng gabi! LOL!


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