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If you’ve been following this blog, then you probably know that aside from being a software developer, foodie, traveler and aspiring writer, I’ve also appointed myself as the unofficial Quality Assurance Tester of Joie’s My Sweets Haven. Other than the fact that I get some free stuff from Joie, I don’t get paid for it. Even if I’m only doing this out of my love for her, I still try my best to give nothing but objective feedbacks. :p

I believe Joie is trying to perfect her newest cupcake flavors. So last month, she gave me a box of these cute cupcakes through my husband.

I wanted to try out every single cupcake. But because I’m scared of how it will affect my already increasing waistline, I decided to try a little bit of everything. In short, kinagatan ko silang lahat! HARHARHARHAR!!! >:)

At that time, Joie was still working on perfecting the cupcakes. But everything tastes so good. I don’t know why she still doesn’t trust me when I tell her that she’s a very good baker-slash-pastry-chef. I don’t lie to her. I tell her when she’s getting fat! :p

It was actually my first time to try out a “white” cupcake. Surprisingly, I fell in love with the Coco Cream. The desiccated coconut added a distinct texture to the soft cupcake. On the other hand, the Chocolate Cupcakes are very moist! I was initially hesitant to try it because it looks so sweet. But the cupcakes have the perfect amount of sweetness. My favorite among the three is the Red Velvet. I promised myself that I’d just take a bite of each flavor. But I gave in with the Red Velvet. I finished it off in no time.

I love this job!!! :p

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  1. Je, I'm drooling with this post! Tell Joie na mag-oorder ako sakanya! I checked her multiply and in fairness very affordable ang mga cookies and cuppies nya! Love 'et! Sa kanya ako bibili ng mga pang give away ko this Christmas. promise! Wag kamo muna sya mag tataas ng price! LOL!

  2. hello joie! can i also apply?! :) free din ang service ko at promise ko sayo i wont lie sa feedback! hahahaha..

  3. hahaha.. aubrey ang kulit mo pa din :p pumayat ka na tataba ka ulit pag pinakain kita ng pinakain.. :p

    Je thanks sa promotion na to.. hahaha.. natuwa talaga ako.. :p

  4. Je,love ko din yung red velvet na yan... I even ask Joie why is it Red?(malay ko bang red velvet yan ehhh taga kain lang din ako)...My son like it too but I think Joie didn't quit believe me, may doubt pa din siya (pa-humble)...


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