Where To Stay In Pagudpud: Agua Seda Beach Resort

Searching for a place to stay in Pagudpud was harder for us compared to booking a hotel in Vigan. When you’re traveling to Pagudpud, you basically have two options. You can either stay in Saud or in Blue Lagoon. Saud is more accessible and offers more options in terms of hotels/resorts and places to eat. But since Joie wanted to stay in Blue Lagoon, we chose it over staying in Saud even if it entails an additional one hour of traveling along bumpy and crazy roads.

We initially wanted to stay at Kapuluan, but they were already fully-booked. Hannah’s Beach Resort was not an option because according to Joie, there are a lot of negative comments regarding the resort’s service. We decided to make an inquiry at Agua Seda Beach Resort. After a few exchanges of text messages, we deposited a reservation fee to the resort’s bank account.

When we were in Fort Ilocandia, Tita Letty who I believe is the resort’s owner, called Joie to check out whether we were on our way. She seemed to be a very nice host! She told us that she wouldn’t be able to welcome us that night, but she promised to meet us the following day.

We initially booked for two adjacent rooms. Agua Seda carefully shaped our towels into a heart and even put flowers on our beds. And then, Joie and I started to panic. As in, sabay talaga. Parang naiisip-mo-ba-ang-naiisip-ko-B1 moment. Joie walked out of their room and told me the same observation I had. Our rooms do not have a TV. Being trip buddies for a very long time, we’ve come to realize that TV is considered a basic necessity for us! :p

Their site says that the standard beach front room has cable TV so we were surprised when the caretaker told us that the standard rooms don’t have it. While writing this post, I even went back to their website and confirmed that it specifically says that cable TV is included in standard rooms. Anyway, the caretaker called Tita Letty, and we were later on allowed to transfer to a room with TV. We were initially asked to choose between two rooms – dorm type and deluxe with terrace. Boyet suggested we take the dorm type since it is at the first floor. So we transferred our bags and immediately turned on the room’s TV! After a while, I saw Joie frown. She didn’t like the bathroom and all of us agreed that the TV is too small. HAHAHAHAHA! Boyet, who checked out the deluxe room, told us that the TV at the other room is bigger. So we asked the caretaker if we could transfer again.

I didn’t set my expectations high because Agua Seda only offers basic needs for travelers. So if you’re going here, don’t expect wi-fi connection, spa or posh rooms.

After using the TV for a few minutes, the signal was lost. According to the caretaker, it is on prepaid so they just probably ran out of load. He asked us to wait for five minutes. But after half an hour, the TV was still useless so we informed the caretaker. Fortunately, he replaced the box with the one that works. Can you imagine that we watched this weather channel for almost an hour while waiting for the replacement?!

The room is spacious for four people. The air conditioner is working, and the beds are comfortable enough to give us a good night sleep. I specifically didn’t like the bathroom. Though it’s clean, I don’t think it’s clean enough for my standards. There’s also a hole on the ceiling which made me paranoid. I kept on looking at it while taking a bath making sure that I could easily escape when a group of rats attack me. Nyaha! The door knob is also defective which left me a scar on my right thumb. Ugh!

Our first night went smoothly. Unfortunately, it started to rain the next afternoon. Being away from home and knowing that Ilocos is prone to being hit by strong typhoons, that was one hell of a scary afternoon for us. We were just a few meters away from the beach so we could see the giant waves and the trees swaying really hard. Cable signal was also lost, and we had nothing to do inside the hotel since our tour for the day was already wrapped up.

A few minutes later, we noticed that there was a leak in the room. We gathered all the available door mats to clean up the mess. When the rain stopped, we went out for dinner. When we came back after a couple of hours, we were surprised that almost half of the room was already wet. One of the beds wasn’t spared! So we then again grabbed anything absorbent present in the room – rags, used towels, and even the sheets and the curtains! It was raining harder so the boys had to brave the rain just to inform the caretakers about the leak. They bought a floor mop, a pail, more rags and replacements for the towels and sheets we used. They didn’t clean our room on the second day so replacing our beddings was already overdue. After the floor has been dried up, we put the tons of rags they provided near the leak just in case it rains again when we go to sleep. We couldn’t put a pail to catch the water because the leak comes from the wall. Argh!

I’m not saying that Agua Seda is a bad place. On the contrary, with a few renovation works, it will be a perfect place to stay. It already has the advantage of being situated in the middle of the paradise so the management just needs to work on their amenities. The people from Agua Seda are very nice that’s why it was hard for me to get mad despite my new scar and the leak. Tita Letty’s warmth is also very evident. We met her once when we came back from the tour, and she took time to get to know us. They also serve good and affordable food which may be the other reason why I couldn’t get angry. Nakakawala ng inis ang mabait na tao at masarap na pagkain. :p


  1. This was where my officemates and I stayed when we went to Pagudpod in the summer of 2010. You're right, they only offer basic accommodations and facilities. But Tita Letty was such a gracious host and the price she gave us for the two rooms we got was really low, so nakatipid talaga kami. Bukod sa malapit sila sa beach, ang sarap pa ng food nila. It was from that place that we got introduced to poque poque, a delicious Ilocano dish. :)

  2. Di ko nakita tong entry mo na to pero yan nabasa mo na pala.. natuwa din kami kay Tita Letty kasi nung nagpunta kami jan nila Charry.. naiwan niya yung cellphone niya sa tricycle.. kaso naka alis na kami papuntang laoag.. so tinawagan namin sya. Pinuntahan niya yung mga tricycle driver at sinabi na kung sino man nakakuha ibalik na kasi kung hindi maganda ang experience ng turista sila din ang kawawa kasi hindi na babalik.. ayun binalik.. the following day papunta pala sya ng Laoag.. mineet na lang namin para kunin yung cellphone. Pero agree naman ako basic accomodation lang ang offer nila.


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