Where To Go In Pagudpud: Timmangtang Rock Formation

It was already starting to drizzle that afternoon, but it didn’t stop us from exploring the other gems of Pagudpud. According to Kuya Lenzer, the Timmangtang Rock Formation appears like a bell from a distance. But no matter how much I look at it from any angle, I couldn’t be convinced that it resembles a bell. If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’ll look at the rock formation as a lonely soul silently watching the waves. But if you have a dirty mind, you’ll see it differently. Sabi lang naman nila 'yun, bilang sukdulang linis ng utak ko. HARHARHAR!!!

Before reaching the rock formation, I stepped on a number of things which hurt my feet. Pebbles and seashells are everywhere so make sure to take extra precaution when you go here. The path that leads to the rock formation is very slippery since it is touching the water. So again, be very careful. Wa-poise ka kapag sumemplang ka dito tapos ang ending, puro lumot ang pwet mo. Tapos maiisip mo, sana nakinig ako kay Je. :p

DSC_1354 With Hubby

DSC_1358 Joie and Jeff

Aside from the rock formation, I couldn’t help but admire the calmness of the water. As the cool breeze touches my skin, I marveled at the thought that I’m lucky to experience something as relaxing as that. Although I had company, staying at Timmangtang gave me some “quiet time”. The past three days had been nothing short of amazing given that I was able to do a lot of things from my bucket list. In the short time that I stayed in this quiet place, it made me realize that the life I have in Manila may be stressful, but it fuels up my passion to see the world.

While we were busy admiring the Timmangtang Rock Formation, I caught Kuya Lenzer as he plays at the shoreline like a child. I used to think that tour guides get tired seeing the same places over and over again making them lose interest over time. The sight of Kuya Lenzer at that time reminded me so much of Kuya Chris, our dear tour guide from Coron. But come to think of it, who gets tired of the beauty of Ilocos?

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