Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

I finally broke my “movie-watching hiatus” when hubby and I watched The Bourne Legacy yesterday. I can’t actually say I’m a fan but I am a keen follower of the Bourne series. This plus the fact that I wanted to see the finish product of the days of traffic in Manila when they were shooting the film, are just the two main reasons why I wanted to see it.

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I’ve seen quite a lot of not-so-good feedback about the film, specifically its ending. I have to say that it was a bit anticlimactic. Parang, ay tapos na yun? But I guess, it was supposed to be like that. There is The Bourne Betrayal after all. I hope so!

But from start until before the abrupt ending, I liked it! Call me weird. Don’t shoot me, but unlike those who didn’t like the film, I did. Although my head hurt slightly from the chase scenes and the fact that the most decent seats we got are those on the fourth row of the cinema.

A lot of people didn’t like Jeremy Renner. The same thing happened when Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. In my humble opinion, I don’t think it’s fair for Renner to be compared with Matt Damon, he is not Jason Bourne after all. But I actually like his portrayal. Nagsabog ng ka-astigan ang langit, sinalo nya lahat! I was never really fond of him even after he appeared in The Avengers. But I had a change of heart after seeing The Bourne Legacy. So to those who do not like him, ok lang, sa akin na lang siya! :p He may not be the hunkiest, most handsome Hollywood actor, but the man is a kickass! His roughness and rawness definitely showed on the big screen. ‘Yung tipong, ang dungis na, astig pa rin!

And Rachel Weisz? She’s simply brilliant! I don’t even have the words to describe her acting prowess. Also, Zeljko Ivanek, who I came to know from 24 and Heroes, portrayed the role of Dr. Donald Foite very well! My heart was racing as he was killing his colleagues. :|

The Filipino actors were mesmerizing. The short but powerful portrayal of John Arcilla as a security guard really made a mark. I really admire that guy. And who can forget Lou Veloso?

Memorable Manila Moments:
  1. When Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) mentioned Manila, Philippines, I wanted to shout AT LAST! I looked at my watch and noticed that I waited for almost an hour and a half to have a glimpse of Manila.
  2. The first Manila scene. Even with your eyes closed and even without a single mention of a Tagalog word, you’d know it’s Manila! Of course, that is if you grew up in Manila. Parang iba ang pitch ng mga busina natin ano? :p
  3. Joel Torre! What? You didn’t see Joel Torre? You were definitely not paying attention. :p
  4. The scene where a mother kept on shouting “Magnanakaw! Magnanakaw!” in reference to Dr. Shearing, HAHAHAHA! Si Rachel Weisz pa ang napagkamalang magnanakaw?!
  5. When the nemesis from Bangkok fell into a fruit stand! Very typical-Pinoy-action-movie stunt! Kulang lang ng kariton ng buko! =)) 
  6. Lou Veloso. Sabi ko sa inyo, favorite ko siya e! =))
  7. The ending, though a bit disappointing, features El Nido, Palawan. AWESOME!!! 
  8. The last word of Cross - SALAMAT! ^_^


  1. Nyahahha.. I liked Jeremy Renner pero parang ang bigat ng katawan nya eh. O ako lang yun. Wish ko kc si Taylor Lautner ang gumanap eh.

  2. Di ko din feel na si Jeremy yung papalit na bida kahapon (while watching the first three Bourne films) pero nung napanood ko sya kanina, winner! :) he's remarkable!

    Personal fave ko si Edward Norton :) ganda ng boses!

    Agree with Filipino actors *thumbs up*

    Super giddy din nga nung binanggit yung Manila and nung dumating na sila dito :D

    Great review! ;)

  3. Khaline, ako din ayaw ko kay Jeremy nung una. Pero after Bourne, wala na fan na ako :))


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