Lennon and Maisy

Listening to these two girls made me daydream once again about our future kids. I’m very specific with my prayers. I always ask God to bless us with normal, healthy, cute and smart kids with good hearts. I want them to love reading and learning new things like me. I hope they’ll have long and curly eyelashes like their father. And hopefully, they don’t inherit my asthma and weak immune system.

Although near to impossible since this is obviously part of our recessive genes, it’s a very nice addition if they can sing in tune! This trait can certainly be a lifesaver. Imagine how I survived lots of “initiations” when people ask me to show my talent. When they shout, “SAMPLE, SAMPLE,” I obviously can’t tell them, “Hey guys, I can write!”

Anyway, both my father and my brother are musically-inclined so there’s little hope left in me. *wink wink*

Ganito boses ko nung bata ako e. Kaso, sinipon lang ako. Hindi na siya bumalik sa dati! :p

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  1. Who knows baka maging singer din ang "mga"future kids ninyo ni Boyet?! Kaya gawa na, dali! Maulan at malamig ngayon! hahahahahaha!


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