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During a recent Communication Assertiveness Training, I was asked to rate my assertiveness in a scale of 1 to 10. Most from the group said 7 and 8. The lowest was 6 but not until I rated myself. I told the instructor that I am a 4. I saw the instructor’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened after hearing my answer. She asked me why and I told her that I am generally shy. I added that you can put me in one corner and I can survive for days without talking.

I don’t know why but I am really a very shy person. I have always been the nerdy quiet girl of the class. Proof to that are my numerous white merit cards for Outstanding in Good Manners and Right Conduct. I used to get one every grading period straight from my first grade until I graduated from high school. If my teachers see my behavior as a good thing worthy of recognition, some of my classmates used to think the exact opposite. Mataray, suplada, masungit, ayaw magpakopya ng assignments. I used to hate hearing these things but I somehow learned to eventually let it go. I really don’t get why they are expecting me to be always all-smiles when walking in the corridors. First, I am neither running for public office nor I am a celebrity. Second, baliw ang tawag sa tumatawa ng walang dahilan. At bakit ko kayo papakopyahin e pinaghirapan ko yun? Kayo nagpapaligaw tapos ako nagpapakahirap gumawa ng assignments?! >:)

Because of my innate shyness, I survived school by being a wallflower, most of the time isolated. But then again, there were the chosen few who took time to know the real person behind the quiet fa├žade. These people are either the quiet ones or those who do their own assignments! I finally got the chance to do the things that the "cool girls" were doing, only to a different level. They talk about boys. We talk whether a cure for AIDS is probable. They plan what to wear to the prom. We plan how to change the world. They bet who would be the next school couple to break up. We bet what school would win in Battle of the Brains.

When I entered the corporate world, God didn’t cease to send me good friends. I bet these friends of mine were the type of students who do their own assignments! Nyaha! Seriously, my close friends can attest that I am far from a quiet and shy person. This is the first time that I’m admitting this to the public. I’m not really quiet. When I’m with the right company, I unknowingly unleash my other side – my crazy side. Given that there are only five people who read my blog, I hope we can all still keep it a secret. Harharhar!!!

Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Birds of the same feather flock together. Other than being former students who don’t copy someone else’s assignments, my friends are just as crazy as I am. I don’t know if the universe conspired to make us get along well because we are all crazy people, or I made them crazy because they became friends with me.

I am making new friends in my new company but it still feels good that I haven’t lost contact with my old friends from my previous job. My relationship with them has kept me grounded through the years. I know it’s ironic but one of the things that keep me sane these days is the fact that I get to talk crazy stuff with my crazy friends.

Cray Cray #1: Me-Anne

Me-Anne was my CRAP (CR at kAPe) buddy. We used to go to the restroom and get coffee at the pantry every morning. A self-proclaimed Potato Corner addict, Me-Anne looks as harmless as a newborn kitten. But as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. Sumisigaw yan sa CR sa sobrang inis. And lately, some expletives have been added to her vocabulary! Haha!

Talking to Me-Anne is a mental exercise. If it can only burn calories, I’d be posing for FHM next month! When I say a simple “Hi” to her, she answers back with EOOOOWWWWW PUHHHHHZZZZ! It takes a great deal of intellect to talk to this person. She is the founder of a new language which she calls MEMEMON. And I am her only follower. Bwahaha!

meme MEMEMON 101

Cray Cray #2: Joie

When I met Joie five years ago, she was really quiet though not as quiet as Me-Anne. I therefore conclude that I am a bad influence!

We talk about almost everything, even the yuckiest things that other friends don't talk about. There are days when we talk about serious matters, but there are days when our minds are just filled with nothing but craziness.

I am telling you, the above conversations are considered mild craziness. The severe ones are not for public consumption. It can ruin our reputation! Haha!

Every person has at least one crazy friend. I am just lucky that mine are also deep, smart and dependable people. Cheers to crazy friends!

A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life. - William Arthur Ward


  1. Make that 6 readers! =P -Ogie (From the land down under)

  2. Hahaha! Secret lang natin 'to Ogie! :p

  3. hahaha.. grabe.. parang nung friday lang natin yan napag usapan.. hahahahaha..

  4. Dahil wala ako sa list, i therefore conclude hindi ako cray cray! :) Yes! O dahil hindi ako tahimik?! Shit! Ako lng bestfriend mo na hindi tahimik?!!!

  5. @Joie, haha di ko kasi kinaya kabaliwan nyo nung Friday.
    @Aubrey, you fall in the "gumagawa ng sariling assignments" category. Because yes, ikaw lang ang friend ko na di tahimik! :p


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