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My friend Joie finally left the corporate world to take care of her family's business and start fulfilling her biggest dream. I made a post before about a friend who wants to be pastry chef someday. I am now putting a name behind that blind item-ish post.

Joie strived so hard to get through the daily challenges of keeping up a career while still realizing her dreams. We used to endlessly share our baking stories, mine are mostly horror stories. She would teach me techniques on baking and give me tips on where to get the best ingredients.

Just recently, she put up her site to feature all of her sweet creations. I am not saying this because she's my friend or because I'm just obliged to. But everything on her site is so good! I remember not having the time to go shopping for gifts last Christmas when Joie's cookies came to the rescue. Every recipient of my present enjoyed each cookie.

If you've been reading my blog, you'll realize that I give (very) honest reviews. Of course, Joie wasn't spared of my frankness. She always asks me to taste her baked goodies and trusts me that I'll give her nothing but an honest review. Because of this, I proclaimed myself as the official taste tester of My Sweets Haven! Chos! :p

There was one time when her boyfriend Jeff and I rumbled over a piece of brownie! I was blackmailing him to give it to me but we ended up splitting it into two. Boooo, Jeff! Damot! :p

When I resigned, she thoughtfully sent me and Boyet her special heart-shaped cookies on Valentine’s Day.

She also recently made cupcakes for a friend’s baby shower.

I’m sure that Joie will soon fulfill her lifelong dream. And when she becomes the pastry chef that she wants to be, I can brag that My Sweets Haven made its debut on jE's AnAtOmY. :)

Whether you have a special occasion which you want to seal with a splash of sweetness or you simply need a sugar rush, My Sweets Haven is ready to serve you.

My Sweets Haven
by Christine Joie Relevante
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