Gerry’s Grill One More Time

It wasn't my first time to try Gerry's Grill since my previous office is just a cartwheel away from its Ayala branch. It has been our group's venue for spontaneous lunch outs, celebrating promotions or even pacifying someone's craving for sisig. We kept on coming back even if it entails joining the long queue of customers on lunch breaks and the occasional slow service especially on peak hours. Worst of all, we had to endure wearing stinky clothes after eating at Gerry's Grill probably because of the poor ventilation. Amoy sisig ka! Oo nga e, ikaw naman amoy pusit! Nevertheless, nobody can question the affordability and quality of the food they serve.

When it was my turn to treat the family for Sunday dinner, I convinced them to eat at the Robinsons Manila branch of Gerry's Grill. My brother agreed since he already had a list of dishes on his mind.

To start off our feast, we warmed up our tummies with a bowl of hot soup. It was surprisingly good given that I wasn't expecting too much from it.

Except for my mom, our family loves spicy foods. My husband used to hate the fact that I put chili in everything but he got used to it and now enjoys it too. To challenge everyone's tongue, my brother suggested we try their Chili Cheese Stick w/ Garlic Mayo Dip. I had to stop after consuming half of my cheese stick because it's too spicy. My tolerance with spicy foods is just as high as that of my dad's. They were teasing me of being a weak-hearted but I was able to convince them when they tasted my cheese stick. The chili I got was way spicier than theirs.

Although also included in the list of their appetizers, we paired the Coco Fish Fingers and Dinakdakan with rice. A dunk of the fish fingers to the tasty dip reminded me of how much I enjoyed the first time I tried it.

The Dinakdakan was also my brother's request. Dinakdakan is grilled pig's parts and is similar to sisig. But unlike sisig which is chopped and usually served on a sizzling plate, dinakdakan is cut into bigger chunks. It also has a more acidic flavor because of the vinegar. It was my first time to try it but I immediately fell in love with it - Love at First Bite. I wondered why I never tried it before.

Tinomok! Tinomok! Tinomok! It kept on repeating on my head while we were on our way to the restaurant. I am big fan of laing or any other dishes with coconut milk that’s why tinomok became an instant favorite when I first tried it years ago. Gerry’s Grill version is ground meat wrapped in taro leaves cooked in coconut milk and topped with chili. I wonder how the authentic tinomok taste like.
Most of the grilled squid I tried from different restaurants are rubbery that’s why I’m so impressed with how Gerry’s Grill come up with grilled squids that are smoky yet very tender. The flavors are also rich so there’s no need to dip it in any sauce. I was bragging to my dad how good their grilled squids are and I’m glad that Gerry’s Grill didn’t let me down.

Compared to their Ayala branch, the service at Robinsons Manila is faster. And yes, I went home with my clothes still smelling fresh. :)

Gerry's Grill
Level 3 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. Scrumptious dishes! Have to drop by Gerry's Grill now :)

  2. tinomok, i believe, is Gerry's Grill most famous dish. my siblings also love it. love your shot of the grilled pusit.:p

  3. Everytime we have an eat out - Gerry's Grill is always an option and even a choice.

    I still havent tried the Chili Cheese Stick this will be in my must order list.

    Been here from FTF.

    I am Happy Foodie and sunny Side Up Eggs is my entry

  4. Yummy spread! I'm particularly interested with dinakdakan (haven't tried that) and the grilled squid. Those chili sticks look wicked I'm not sure if I can handle it :-)


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