SG Trip Day 1 (Part 2): Singapore Flyer, ArtScience Museum and Sands SkyPark

After we were warmed up from walking along Bugis St., our adventure continued as we head to our next destination. Jeff and Joie said that the Singapore Flyer is within walking distance. Trusting their judgment, Boyet and I followed their lead. I was starting to feel exhausted when we passed by the hotel we were checked-in. And when we had to climb up the overpass to reach the Suntec City, my knees were actually trembling and half of my legs were already numb.

The stroll along the Suntec City was refreshing and gave us some time to recuperate from the scorching heat outside. We also met a very friendly Filipina who is working in an optical shop. May bumili ng RayBan e! Clue: Hindi ako! :p We asked her for directions and she was surprised when she found out that we're planning to walk our way to the Singapore Flyer. She said that walking is manageable but she wouldn't suggest it.

Before I knew it, we were back on enduring the heat outside. Fortunately, there were a couple of tourists in front of us who also seem to be headed to the Singapore Flyer. Joie kept on pointing at the flyer to calm me down telling us that we're near since we could already see it. Je, ayan na o! Malapit na, promise! Seriously, I think you can see the flyer even if you're in Malaysia! :p

After the excruciating walk and tons of oil secreted from our bodies, we finally reached the Singapore Flyer. We paid SGD29.50 for a thirty-minute ride on the giant Ferris wheel.

DSC_0078with Hubby

DSC_0080Joie and Jeff

We were the only people inside the capsule. My first thought was that I was finally able to sit down after hours of walking. But it suddenly shifted the moment I had the bird's eye view of the city. Juggling my picture-taking skills and fighting my fear of heights wasn't an easy task. But the breathtaking view somehow made my fear subside a little.

While we were still planning our itinerary, Joie informed me that we're going to the Singapore Flyer. I was so tempted to beg off but didn't want to be a killjoy. Joie knows my fear of heights and probably felt my agitation so she assured me that I wouldn't even feel that we're moving. She's absolutely right!

After the Singapore Flyer ride, we rushed to the ArtScience Museum. I asked Joie if we could watch Wicked but the ticket price is way beyond our budget. So I made a compromise that I'd be willing to skip Wicked for as long as we go to the ArtScience Museum at the Marina Bay Sands. Fortunately, I found an ally in Jeff who is also a geek! Nyaha! ^_^

Ticket costs SGD25 which already includes access to both the Titanic and Cartier exhibitions. Boyet paid for our tickets while Jeff paid for theirs. When one of the staff member who is a Filipino noticed that we were together, he told us that they have a group package so we were only asked to pay SGD20! Wohooo!

Understandably, cameras are not allowed inside the museum so our only photos are those taken at the entrance.

We first went to the Titanic exhibition. Commemorating its 100th anniversary, the exhibit features different artifacts from the sunken ship. Featured in the exhibit are the personal belongings of some passengers, actual equipment used and footage of the expedition to name a few. They also put up a prototype of the grand staircase.

Each artifact tells a story of one of the worst tragedies in our history. The stories from the survivors also played a crucial part in reliving that fateful night. Apparently, there are real accounts of the priest and the orchestra who gave comfort to the distressed passengers who were about to face death. I really thought that these parts of the movie Titanic were just included to add drama to the film.

The last part of the exhibit features a list of all the passengers who died and survived, still segregated by class. I was sitting on a bench in front of the giant board which lists all the names of those people. They are strangers to me but I felt goose bumps while looking at their names.

The grief was turned into amazement when we transferred to the Cartier exhibition. Offer me 100 Louis Vuitton bags and I'll probably say no to the offer. Ask me to kill for a Cartier watch, and I'll probably do it. Hahahaha! Of course, I'm just kidding.

We saw all kinds of Cartier watches. At the end of the exhibit, there was a short film that narrates how a single Cartier watch is made. Every watch is carefully designed and hand-crafted. And I didn't know that each piece is meticulously tested to ensure the desired quality. My jaw kept on dropping in astonishment while watching the short film.

The night was still young so we decided to head to the Sands SkyPark. We knew that it closes at 10 pm but we still took the risk even if it was already past 9 in the evening. When we reached the ticketing area, the receptionist warned us that the SkyPark is about to close in 30 minutes. While we were rushing, a woman asked to take a picture of our group. We were hesitant because of time constraints but she insisted. The guy behind the camera probably noticed that our faces are all crumpled so he shouted, "Ngiti ng bonggang-bongga! 1-2-3!" Hahahaha!

I wasn't expecting the SkyPark to be crowded given that it was a Thursday night and the place was about to close. But every corner of the park was occupied. I couldn't even get a decent shot so I ended up just cropping my photos to exclude someone else's leg or butt from the frame.

The SkyPark provides a different perspective of the city as compared with the one provided by the Singapore Flyer. Singapore's night life is just so alive as seen from up above the SkyPark. It was a memorable sight but I just can't say it's worth my SGD20. Maybe because we were just in hurry that's why I wasn't able to appreciate it better. ;-)

It was already past 10 in the evening but we still haven’t had our dinner. That one, on my next post! :)

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  1. You're not alone,Je nilakad din namin tong SG FLyer from Bugis (?) basta malayo, tapos mali mali pa yung nadaanan namin ikot nanaman kami. Hahaha! Grabe init tapos pagod, ay grabehan talaga tapos pagdating dun malulula lang ako, nagbayad ako ng SGD30 para malula. Haha! Takot ako sa heights eh... wala kasi ako nun! Haha!


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