Coron Day 1: Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Spring

Aside from being delayed, our Cebu Pacific flight was probably the roughest I ever had. I almost felt my intestines and my lungs exchanging places the moment the plane landed. I was still half asleep, then my head started to ache and my heart could not stop pounding. We were joking around that it was probably the pilot’s first time to fly a plane. Sakit sa skull, promise!

DSC_1244After that horrible landing, I wasn't in the mood to pose for a picture!

I seriously felt like I was about to vomit. I kept on inhaling my ever-reliable White Flower and started eating candies. It wasn’t the best way to start a much-needed vacation.

The sumptuous lunch and the very warm welcome by the people from Centro Coron made me feel a little better. While waiting for our 4 p.m. call time, I took a nap while hubby watched Mulan. (Yes! Mulan!) Ang macho macho ng asawa ko!

A knock on the door woke me up. I felt more refreshed than ever after a relaxing nap. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, combed my hair and put on some cologne. We all went to the lobby to meet Kuya Chris, our tour guide. After giving us an overview, he led us to the tricycle which would bring us at the foot of Mt. Tapyas.

Kuya Chris started asking whether we have allergies, asthma or heart problems. It was actually the first time that a tour guide made me feel secure.

DSC_1259Kuya Chris

I thought he was just going to bring us to the starting point. But he told us that he would come with us. With a first aid kit on his one hand and bottled water on the other, he had everything we need to survive the 720 steps of Mt. Tapyas. He even offered to carry our bags.

1-2-3-4-5…78-79-80. Then I lost count. I found out that counting while catching my breath was not easy.

DSC_1257Pawisang mag-jowa :p

My knees were trembling and my feet started to hurt. I told myself, “That thing up there must better be worth it!”

I breathe a sigh of relief by the time my foot made its last step. The relief was then replaced with awe. I was standing in front of a humongous cross. I felt like a midget (although I am already one even without that huge cross) as I came closer. It was a humbling experience. It somehow reminded me that I do have a BIG God, bigger than my worries, bigger than my problems, and definitely way bigger than anybody else.

I initially thought that it was the end of it. Then Kuya Chris led us to a very steep path. Notice the green hut in the photo below. That was our destination.

It was the best spot to capture the beautiful sunset in Coron. God’s creations are just so magnificent! It was undoubtedly a very relaxing view.

The next problem was how to go back. I asked Kuya Chris if there are other ways other than walking back to our starting point. He laughed and said, “Wala pong zipline dito!” Boyet suggested that it is a brilliant idea to have a zipline with one end on top of Mt. Tapyas and the people will land directly on the Maquinit Hot Spring! Hahaha!

After an exhausting walk down the Mt. Tapyas, the road to the hot spring was even worse. We had to pass through a very creepy, bumpy and dark road. It was a perfect setting for a horror movie. Paranoia started to sink in and I thought of a masked man holding an axe coming out of nowhere and killing all of us. Of course it was just an exaggeration but you’ll know what I mean when you experience it. The only light we had was the headlight of the tricycle. And then I asked myself, “Where do my taxes go?”

After a strenuous hiking and a backbreaking ride, a dip on the hot spring pool was AWESOME! Kuya Chris told us that the water temperature is 40 degrees. It was really hot at first but I felt really relaxed as my body got used to the heat.

P1000045 Hot spring photos from Joie's cam

I was mistaken when I thought that our day’s adventure was already over by the time we left the hot spring. The tricycle’s headlight started to flicker and the driver kept on banging it to keep it turned on! Hahaha!

I advise you to be very careful if you plan to go to the hot spring because some parts are really slippery. Algae are everywhere. As a matter of fact, the first thing I did when I reached the inn was wash my shorts. It took me almost an hour to take off all those slimy green organisms.

A refreshing bath and delicious dinner courtesy of Centro Coron officially ended our first day. :)


  1. ang saya saya pag naalala ko yan.. hahaha,, excited na ako sa next! :D

  2. Ang saya!

    Happy new year, Je! (And may I have permission to follow you officially + put you on my blogroll?)

  3. Hi Kris! Opkors! :) Added your new blog in my blogroll ;)

  4. Uy, another out-of-town trip! Gusto ko rin makarating sa Coron.. kaso mukhang di ko kakayanin yung Mt. Tapyas hike! Haha..

    Here's to more adventures this 2012! :)

  5. Maudey, akala ko di ko rin kaya. Muntik na kaya akong sumuko! =))

  6. Perfect combi yung Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit noh? hehehehe.. and youre ride.. the road going to the hot spring is really scary, imagine going there with two kids! hahahah at ako din muntik nang sumuko sa 720 steps kung di lang ako nahiya sa dalawang anak ko hahahaha!

  7. Jane, preggers ka pa at that time! =))


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