Supplier Review: Passion Cooks Catering

Seatmate: Nasarapan ka ba sa food noong _ _ _ _ ?
Me: Hmmm… Hindi masyado. Pero ok lang.
Seatmate: Hay naku! Mas masarap pa yung pumpkin soup noong kasal mo!
Me: Hahahahahaha!

It’s really flattering that almost six months after our wedding, our guests still say that it is one of the most memorable weddings they’ve ever attended. And yes, they still talk about the food! Next to our heartwarming yet funny speeches during the wedding reception, the next most talked-about thing about our wedding is the food.

All the food served were a product of four menu changes, three food-tasting, a lot of criticisms from my pinatasera mother, and Maja's unending patience. While we were eating, Camille of Fab Occasions approached and told us that she could hear the guests saying that they are enjoying the food. And according to Camille, every plate on every table has been wiped clean!

Being a food blogger and coming from a family of good cooks, I couldn’t afford to hear any negative comments about the food. That’s why I am more than thankful to Passion Cooks for making our guests go home with happy tummies.

Passion Cooks Catering
Ironically, I don’t have photos of the food from our wedding reception. I didn’t have the time to take pictures of my plate! Nyaha! Fortunately, our photographers were able to take photos of our humongous cream puff tower. Other than the photobooth pictures and the bookmarks, the cream puffs were also distributed to our guests. Hitting two birds with one stone, it also served as our wedding cake. I gave a thumbs up to Maja during the cake-cutting ceremony because the cream puff is so yummy!

Passion Cooks Catering
I immediately fell in love with the Chicken and Ham Crepe when Maja gave me some the first time we met. I was in the US during the first food-tasting so my mom suggested that we get the Cream of Pumpkin Soup and Three Mushrooms Pasta. I decided to deviate from the usual Caesar Salad so we settled for the refreshing Oriental Salad.

Maja made sure that there’s balance in our menu. When we told her that we like the Baked Prawns Thermidor and the Shepherd’s Pie, she told us that we might want to consider letting go one of the two because both have white sauce and cheese. The Grilled Pork with Herbed Cream Cheese was Maja’s suggestion as replacement for the Shepherd’s Pie. I was hesitant at first because I couldn’t imagine pork, cream cheese and apple together. But surprisingly, it’s a very good combination!

The Beef Salpicao was a last-minute choice. The very tender beef and loads of toasted garlic made this the best salpicao I’ve ever tasted. And of course, the dining experience is not complete without the desserts bar. Our contract says we’ll only have three desserts but Passion Cooks was so generous and made it four!

Other than the very delicious food, Maja also made sure to transform RMC from a simple hall that looks like a perfect setting for a graduation ceremony into a simple yet elegant venue. She discouraged me when I asked if they’ll be putting tables outside for the cocktails. She said that it gets really windy and the setup might probably get ruined. So I was very surprised when I saw tall tables with floral arrangements outside the venue. I was peeking from the bridal car and saw that our guests were having a good time.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-1361
Before the reception, I asked my maids of honor and bridesmaids how the venue looks like.

“Simple lang pero astig!”
“Ang ganda!”
“Ang galing ni Maja!”

Passion Cooks Catering
I only told Maja that I want to see some books and flowers on the tables. All the other details are her ideas! I trusted her so much because I knew that she’d do a great job with the setup. She infused all the elements that we want for our book-themed, pink and black wedding. Paired with the equally talented Rejectkrew, our venue was awesome!

Passion Cooks Catering
Passion Cooks Catering
Efren Jerellt Wedding-1890
The pink, black and white drapes totally dressed up RMC’s bare ceiling. To make it more personalized, Maja hung some of my books and the pink bookmarks with our monogram. I looked at the ceiling and I realized that all the sleepless nights we spent making and cutting the bookmarks finally paid off.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-1897
The table setup was just as gorgeous. Maja requested for lots of glossy magazines. I first saw her plan during the mock setup. But it was doubly beautiful on our wedding day as it matched the drapes and the table cloths. It’s quite genius, isn’t it?

Efren Jerellt Wedding-2063
Passion Cooks Catering
Passion Cooks CateringPhotos courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

You’ll probably think that my praises will stop with the good food and fabulous venue styling. But their service is just so impeccable to be ignored. The waiters are very attentive and friendly. Most importantly, Maja was there. Seeing her made us feel secure that nothing will ever go wrong. She was going around the venue. She even personally cut and distributed the cream puffs to our guests.

She told me that she wasn’t able to take some pictures of the food and the venue because RMC didn’t allow them to enter the venue earlier. She said that because of this, they finished the setup only a few minutes before the reception. Maja, the output you gave us didn’t show that you were in a hurry at all! :)

Other caterers are in the wedding industry for business. They accept tons of weddings a day making them lose the personal touch that couples need. Aside from the scrumptious food, the stunning venue styling and the perfect service, there is another thing that sets Passion Cooks apart from the other caterers in the market. Living by their name, passion is very much evident in the way they uniquely deliver every wedding reception.

Passion Cooks Catering
Rating: 5+++++/5 <-- Yes! Seriously! :)


  1. uber like! was waiting for your review of Passion cooks! hahahaha kala ko nakalimutan mo na! their food are really really really delicious! nakakahiya nga lang mag-second plate nung kasal mo! hahahaha

  2. Ok lang naman mag round 2. Actually, Maja opened the buffet for suppliers na rin. And we took home the leftovers. Di ko sila nakalimutan, hinuhuli ko mga favorite suppliers =))

  3. i love the overall feel of the place! simple, elegant and very personal! plus, i like the pink-and-black combo, too! it's the color of my gown on my debut party :)

  4. Hello! I was looking for passion cooks review and accidentally passed by your blog! Cute :)
    Is it okay kung kumuha ako idea sa styling ng wedding reception mo? I love purple and pink and that will also be my motif for my wedding. Nagandahan kasi ako kasi simple lang :) Thanks!

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