Supplier Review: Rejectkrew

Nearly half a year after our wedding, I’m so embarrassed to admit that I’m still not yet done with my supplier reviews. Talk about extreme laziness! I’m still working on the photos from our last vacation so I’ll continue first with my reviews. :)

I almost forgot that there is a need for us to book a lights and sound supplier. There isn’t a lot in the market so we only talked to two suppliers. It was very hard to take hold of Elmer of Rejectkrew so we decided to talk to somebody else. I was so turned off when Supplier X refused to meet us without a down payment. Hellllerrr! Asa ka!

That same week, Boyet received a message from Elmer confirming their meeting. Ironically, Boyet’s ATM was captured the day that he was supposed to meet Elmer to pay our reservation fee. Without hesitation, Elmer signed the contract and agreed that we could just settle everything on our wedding day. The very few tasks that I entrusted him to do for our wedding was to pay the reservation fee for Rejectkrew and he wasn’t able to carry it out. Ooohh boys! :p

As I was so embarrassed with what happened, I insisted to go to a wedding fair where Rejectkrew was participating. Elmer even said that we didn’t have to go through the hassles since he already agreed that we could settle the payment on our wedding day. Even with the delayed reservation fee, he even agreed to personally be present on our wedding day and not let his other team handle the event.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-1577Photo courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

There was no dead air in the reception. All the songs that we requested were granted. And the lights setup definitely enhanced the romantic mood. Suffice to say, Rejectkrew is the best and the most affordable in the industry. ;)

Rating: 4.5/5

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