Supplier Review: Dulce Amor Fortunado

Deciding who to host our wedding reception was crucial. Getting Dulce to do the job was a gamble for us. The online reviews were quite limited so we based our decision from what we felt during our initial meeting. After her day job, she braved the heavy traffic from Roxas Blvd. to Greenbelt for our meeting. But she still managed to talk non-stop during our two-hour dinner. One thing’s for sure, I told myself. I can’t deny Dulce’s stamina when it comes to talking. The most important thing of course is she talks with sense. A nice addition is the fact that she makes us laugh. I was also paying close attention to her diction. It’s very clear and she converses well both in English and Filipino. Right then and there, we booked her.

Efren Jerellt Wedding-1712
I almost forgot that we were supposed to meet her a couple of weeks before our wedding day. She was actually the one who reminded me that we need to brainstorm for the program. On our second meeting (over some Chrysanthemum tea :p), we did not worry a single thing because all of her suggestions suit our taste. The program she had in mind was funny yet I was confident that she would not turn our wedding reception into a comedy bar. It was light but she managed to inject some heart-warmers. Reading our messages to our parents was one of her many brilliant ideas.

On the day itself, her spontaneity was evident. My mom said that most of our guests were already tired but everybody was brought to life the moment she opened her mouth. Everybody kept on laughing each time she calls Boyet PROM KING because he was wearing a black suit with pink tie. I was also worried that our friends would not participate in the singles’ games but she managed to get everybody off their seats.

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Our closest friends commend her for being bubbly and articulate. The sleepyheads were kept awake. The killjoys were convinced to graciously participate. And most importantly, she was able to make our parents kiss in front of more than a hundred people! Nyaha!

Efren Jerellt Wedding-1709Photos courtesy of Ian Santillan Photography

Dulce Amor Fortunado
Rating: 5/5

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