Book Review: A Bad Day’s Work by Nora McFarland

If you’re my boss and you happen to read this post, I am not going to whine about my work. Don’t worry. This is just about my latest read. :p

Nora McFarland is new to me. And reading mystery novels is definitely not my cup of tea. Aside from its eye-catching title, I purchased it because of the 20% off tag placed at the front cover of the book. I bought it last year during my onshore assignment in the US.

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Lilly Hawkins is a dedicated and kick-ass shooter working for a news station. Being in a world dominated by the male species, her journey wasn’t a walk in the park. And her series of blunders not only proved that luck wasn’t on her side but also placed her job in jeopardy.

I had a connotation that mystery novels are supposed to be dark and twisted. Surprisingly, A Bad Day’s Work is hilarious but still offers plot twists to keep its reputation as a mystery novel. The book will surely keep the readers speculating from start to finish. It made me feel like I was the protagonist who is struggling to know the culprit and guessing who are really on my side.

This novel is insane! I remember laughing inside the jeepney each time Lilly Hawkins and his uncle Bud say something sarcastic. Bud’s out-of-this-world tactics paired with his mysterious past are so hilarious. The author also offers a bit of romantic angle but still managed not to make it mushy.

Lilly’s arrogance and introverted personality did not help her gain friends at work. The worse part was her denial that something was wrong in the way she treats and perceives other people. The book tells us that being with a co-worker more than eight hours a day does not give us the license to claim that we know them very well. Lilly learned it the hard way as she trusted the wrong people. And the people she misjudged turned out to be those who would save her in the end.

For her debut novel, Nora McFarland absolutely did a great job in A Bad Day’s Work. It’s really enjoyable. I think this is a trilogy so I am now on the hunt for the next Lilly Hawkins mystery. :)

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