Where To Stay In Puerto Princesa: Hotel Fleuris

We booked a round trip ticket to Malaysia last year for our honeymoon. But since we were both busy with the wedding preparations, we didn’t have the time to arrange our trip. Good thing though that one of our principal sponsor gave us a round trip ticket to Puerto Princesa. Thanks Ninang! :p

Our departure to Manila was scheduled on June 16 so I started searching online and booked a hotel where we can stay a day before our flight. Cramming much! :p

I actually asked Boyet to do the researching but I think planning a vacation is not his forte. Still empty-handed after sitting in front of the computer for hours, I decided to take over and made a booking in no time.

Hotel Fleuris is just a five-minute drive from the Puerto Princesa Airport. We arrived at the hotel by 10 in the morning. Fortunately, they allowed us to check in early.

They gave us a room in the third floor facing the hotel’s front garden. The air-conditioned room is large enough and equipped with cable TV and a personal refrigerator. They also provide an extra pillow and comforter with no extra charge.

As I am very particular with a hotel’s restroom, I checked ours right away. I’ll give it a passing rate since it’s clean and spacious. It has hot and cold shower and the hotel provides for basic toiletries.

The hotel rates include free breakfast. Their food is so good which made me forget that I am an adventurous eater. This is actually my first trip that I didn’t bug Boyet to go on food trips. :)

We went to the hotel from the airport via a tricycle. When the receptionist found out about it, he informed us that they have a free shuttle service. We really appreciate that they called us the day before we checked out and let us know that they can bring us to the airport.

Everybody was so friendly and accommodating. They were quick in answering all our inquiries and addressing our additional requests. There was just one minor incident when I settled our bill. A trainee did the computations and overcharged us by PHP170. I just realized it when I checked the receipts and I immediately brought it to their attention. Other than that, it was indeed an enjoyable stay in Hotel Fleuris. :)

Hotel Fleuris Palawan
Lacao Street,
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

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