Restaurant Review: Arya Persian Restaurant

I have been pestering Boyet to let us try Arya. He kept on declining because he didn’t like their food when he tried it with his office mates. But since I wasn’t feeling well after my first HPV vaccine shot, he gave in to my request. I am not a big fan of Middle Eastern food but I was very willing to give it a try that day. Unfortunately, Boyet was not as enthusiastic as I was because he hates foods with strong smell and flavors.

We enjoyed a glass of refreshing lemonade. Boyet said it’s too acidic but it was just right for me.

IMG_3275Lemonade PHP70

Boyet got Geymeh – lamb stew in tomato sauce. I saw him cringe when he first tasted this dish. His taste buds are really sensitive and not accustomed to these kinds of food. He said it’s fine but he won’t eat it if he had other choices. Surprisingly, I liked it! :)

IMG_3279Geymeh PHP375

IMG_3281Basmati Rice

I have fallen in love with the kebabs from Kebabers which I usually buy from our office canteen at PHP65. So I made sure to try Arya's Beef Kobideh – ground beef skewers seasoned with spices. It was served with grilled tomatoes on the side. I wanted to pair it with Basmati rice but the waiter said that we need to pay additional PHP20 so I settled with the Persian bread.

IMG_3287Beef Kobideh PHP355

IMG_3289Chili and Garlic Sauce

I asked Boyet to try it but he was firm in saying no. The skewers were really awesome especially with the mixture of the garlic and chili sauces. The hot bread wrapped in cloth was perfect to balance out the strong flavors of the skewers.

IMG_3292Persian Bread

It would have been a perfect experience if Boyet just enjoyed the food as much as I did. To add to his dismay, he found an additional PHP20 on our bill. The waiter told him that it was for the Basmati rice he ordered with the Geymeh. The waiter earlier emphasized that we needed to pay PHP20 if I upgraded my bread to rice but he failed to mention it to Boyet. And we vividly remember that the menu says “served with Basmati/Jasmine rice”. But the waiter pointed out that the menu also says that there is a “rice adjustment”. I hope that they make that note a little larger because there was also another customer who argued with the wait staff and disputed the additional charges when he settled his bill.

Seriously, Arya really needs to update their menu and remove the misleading phrase “served with” and insert the necessary adjustments.

Arya Persian Restaurant
Level 2 Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila


  1. Nyay - Boyet's like my hubby: does not want to get out of Sinigang's comfort zone. Hahahaha - then I remembered they both were born in November and are Scorpions. :P
    But - as the time goes by, I have made the hubby try out different cuisines from time to time, but we're still on Asian cuisine.
    Want to try that out - the kebab looks yummy! You should also try Indian food (I can only recommend New Bombay) - Cheesy Naan, Cheesy Chicken Missala for starters :)

  2. Oh my, you should have seen him years ago. He was such a picky eater. Ayt, I'll try Indian food next. I just hope I can make Boyet try it too. :)

  3. We should have skipped the salad and the rashti hummus! I guess their all-meat entrees are better.


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