Restaurant Review: Panda Express

There isn’t a single Filipino restaurant near us. I saw one a few days ago in downtown Minneapolis, but it looks a little fancy. I immediately searched it online and found mixed reviews. Americans like it, but Filipinos say that the dishes are not authentic. I remember a comment from an American who is married to a Filipina saying that he is expecting at least either San Miguel or Red Horse, but none is available. Haha! Anyway, the next best thing is to at least go to a Chinese restaurant since we have a lot back home, and Chinese food has long become a part of my diet.

We decided one night to try out Panda Express – a famous Chinese restaurant chain in America. We were greeted by cheerful staff members who invited us to have a free taste of some of their dishes. Red which symbolizes good fortune in Chinese custom is evident in the interior of the restaurant from the lanterns to the lights.

I’ve noticed that most Chinese restaurants here have the 2-entree and 3-entree deals. Diners can choose 2 or 3 entrees and a side dish or appetizer. I admit that I have a big appetite but the 2-entree meal is perfectly enough for me.

Instead of rice, I settled for Chow Mein instead. It is just simply noodles tossed with mixed vegetables. I was really craving for pancit canton so I enjoyed it.

It was my first time to try orange chicken so I grabbed the chance that night. Crispy chicken bits cooked with sweet and spicy orange sauce. I really liked it at first but it gets sourer each bite. It was like orange at first, then orange with lemon, then orange with lemon and lime until my teeth finally gave up. It took me a while to appreciate it, but I still ended up liking it. I guess this one is better for sharing, para iwas ngilo. Hihi. :)

Despite my love-hate relationship with the orange chicken, I have to say that I really loved their Cream Cheese Rangoon. My first piece of the oozing cream cheese wrapped in wanton wrapper erased my trivial disappointments with the orange chicken. It comes with a sweet and sour sauce on the side but I refused anything sour after the orange chicken. Plus, it’s good as is. :)

DSC_01662-entree meal USD6.16

Panda Express
1270 Promenade Place
Suite 150
Eagan, MN


  1. i love panda express... although for sharing usually kasi ang dami hehe=) visit ka dto UT mag yellowstone kami

  2. Naku I miss Panda Express na tuloy with this post lol
    It's affordable to eat there!

  3. @mei, takaw ako kaya di pede may ka-share.

    @MrsMartinez, yup affordable nga. Asim lang talaga para sakin yung orange chicken hehe.

  4. I love Panda Express!! Mmmm, orange chicken. I miss it so much! The one in Chowking isn't as good, in my opinion. They have this shrimp thing too that I like, I forget the name of the dish.


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