Aboard the Minneapolis Queen

When I was in preschool, the gauge of being good in spelling is if you can spell Mississippi in a blink of an eye. I think there was even a song taught to kids so they can easily remember it. I never imagined that I’d be able to see it, much more to cruise on it. One corner of our hotel laundry room houses brochures of the different attractions and activities in Minnesota and nearby states. One of them is the cruise at the Mississipi River. But since we are all “kuripot” (or at least Zel and I), doing it was not a priority. But it seems that luck is on our side because our company invited us to be part of its 10th anniversary celebration onboard the Minneapolis Queen which offers cruises along the Mississippi River. And yes, it’s free!

We arrived a little early which gave us time to delight in the nice view of the river and the cool afternoon breeze.

Who has the most candid shot?


DSC_0589Also disqualified!


And the winner is... (drum roll please)

DSC_0582Red in his "Katas ng Saudi" pose

DSC_0603Cotton Candies (hehe!)

DSC_0585Minneapolis Queen

I didn’t know of this event since we already had our celebration in Manila last summer which I wasn’t able to attend. Hehe! It was nice to finally meet some of our counterparts and we were able to finally put faces behind the email addresses. :)

Somebody took over my camera which made my face change from this...

to this...

and finally this!

The celebration was different compared to what we usually have in Manila. Since the number of people is fewer, the event was more intimate so everybody had the chance to talk to each other. Food was served by very friendly crew members as we enjoyed the tour along the river.

Aside from the scenic views, another cool thing I experienced during the tour was the canal locks. I didn’t know what it’s called so I had to ask Red. Have you noticed the water marks in the wood? The water dropped slowly so that the boat can pass through this gate. And then we all felt the boat rising on our way back.

I am not sure if people find us a little weird because we are near being cam whores. We take pictures anywhere and anytime. Before the end of the tour, we all came to the upper deck to grab Zel’s jacket and bag. We were lucky that one room was empty so we had all the liberty to make fun of ourselves without looking like idiots.

If you think that it stopped when the boat docked, you are definitely mistaken. This bridge has probably witnessed the weirdest thing that day. Some passersby can’t help but give us second glances. :)

Minneapolis Queen

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