Restaurant Review: Max's Restaurant

This is me blogging from the USA! I am still getting used to a lot of things here so I haven’t been outside of the office that much. So I’ll just start to offload the remaining of my backlogs.

Boyet and I did ocular inspections in some of the venues we’re eyeing for our wedding. We then went to have lunch at Max’s restaurant after walking for hours. He used to bug me back home to try out their sizzling tofu so his eyes lit up when he saw Max’s along Roxas Blvd. I forgot the receipt in Manila so the names and prices are inaccurate. :(

Soups, whenever available, never fail to take a place in our meals. We just had a bowl of cream of mushroom soup. It was just fine though it wasn’t as rich compared to other cream of mushroom soups.

IMG_2773Cream of Mushroom

I realized upon my first bite of the sizzling tofu why Boyet kept on raving about it. I am a lover of spicy foods so he probably knew that I’d enjoy it. It’s best served with steaming rice but I know that boys will appreciate it along with a pitcher of cold beer.

IMG_2778Sizzling Tofu

I skipped rice that day so I settled for potato salad instead. I know that the serving looks relatively small but it’s fine considering that it’s really inexpensive. There was nothing really special with a few bits of boiled potatoes, bell peppers, mayonnaise and a slice of boiled egg placed over a bed of shredded lettuce. But I enjoyed it as a great substitute for rice that day.

IMG_2787Potato Salad

A visit at Max’s restaurant is never complete without trying their chicken. They have a wide array of chicken dishes to choose from but fried chicken has always been a favorite among Pinoys.

We chose to have their crispy and tasty spring chicken which was a sure hit at our table. Max’s has been around for years but they manage to live up to their “Sarap to the bones” tagline. :)

IMG_2781Spring Chicken

Max's Restaurant
998 Roxas Blvd. Cor. Remedios St .,
Malate, Manila


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