Camara Island

I asked my friends if we could have one last trip before the summer ends and before I get sent to a faraway place. :(

We were lucky enough to book for an overnight stay at Capones Vista even if our planned trip fell on a holiday weekend. It took us more than four hours to reach our destination. I didn’t realize how remote the resort is until the guy who gave us directions said, “Turn left and pass that mountain.” As soon as we passed by the mountain, we went by a creek over a one-way bridge, a field and a rocky road. But all the hassles disappeared the moment my eyes met the blue skies and my ears heard the squashing waves.

Picture 041
We had lunch at the resort’s clubhouse/reception area while planning on what to accomplish for the day. I really wanted to go island hopping but Joie made it clear to us from the very beginning that she would not come with us. So it was a surprise for me when Joie asked, “Anong oras tayo mag island hopping?” My initial reaction was – WHATEVER!

We got a few supplies from the nearest sari-sari store, which is a 15-minute drive from the resort! As soon as we returned, Joie told me that she already arranged a boat ride at 1 p.m. I think the resort has its own boat and bangkero (who is also the all-around "kuya" in the resort).

Our first stop was Camara island. The first thing I noticed was the cave-like rock formation that greets tourists who come to the island.

Picture 122
Picture 130
Picture 137
Picture 139
Picture 175Boyet: Baby, it's time to let go of the extra rice!

The island is quite small so we were lucky that there were only two groups of tourists when we arrived. The water is crystal-clear that you don’t need a snorkeling gear to have a glimpse of the beauty of the underwater world.

Picture 126

Picture 134Erlie wouldn't let go of her life jacket :)

Picture 158MACHO-less

The shoreline is rocky so be careful when you walk because the pebbles can really hurt your feet. And be extra careful of the strong waves. :)

Picture 146
Picture 145
Picture 142
It was actually the first time that I’ve heard of Camara island. I have to say that it is an underrated gem because I was really enthralled by its beauty. ^_^

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