Restaurant Review: Shokuji Bar and Restaurant

It was such a stressful week for Boyet and me, both professionally and personally. I haven’t also been feeling well which makes me a little agitated most of the times. So just to take some time off, we mutually agreed to have a quiet dinner last Friday. We were both tired to walk to Greenbelt so I thought of going to a restaurant near our office.

I came to know Shokuji during one of our team-building lunches. It is located in quite a secluded area opposite the busy Ayala Avenue.

We walked into the place and were greeted by a nice waiter. I was quite pleased when I noticed that there were only three customers inside which would give Boyet and me the chance to talk. But I noticed right away that the small place has a partition which divides the room into two. It turns out that a small group reserved it for a private function. And yeah, they were really noisy.

The place has a wide array of food which made it a little hard for us to choose. It was nice though that the waiter was so accommodating in answering all our questions.

Boyet and I shared the Dobin Moshi Soup. It was really hot which soothed my itchy throat. I forgot to give it a little blow for the soup to cool a little so I ended up hurting my tongue. I loved the flavors of the shrimp, fish and the leeks.

Dobin Moshi Soup Php75

I decided to get Philadelphia Roll. The sticky rice was a nice base for the salmon and the cream cheese. The sesame seeds added texture and a nutty flavor to the rolls. It was also noticeable that the Bonito flakes were not fishy unlike other Japanese restaurants use. Boyet told me that I should eat all of them but before I knew it, he has already eaten four rolls.

Philadelphia Roll Php268

Boyet got a cup of Chahan. It was so flavorful from the mixture of ground beef, egg and vegetables. I commend Shokuji because the rice wasn’t oily at all.

Chahan Php65

I decided to get their Shitake Beef Rolls. Juicy shitake mushrooms wrapped in very tender sirloin beef. The combination of the beef and mushroom was perfect. It was served with onion rings on the side. Boyet hates onions so I ended up eating the onion rings while I kept on convincing him that it was sweet and would probably not cause him bad breath. And then he started mumbling about what if he eats onions and then he gets to ride a cab with a beautiful and sexy woman who would later on seduce him. That guy does not have the slightest idea that I would not let that happen even in his dreams!

Shitake Beef Rolls Php325

Boyet made a last minute additional order of Ika Yaki Yakimono. Tender and perfectly-cooked squids topped with a tangy teriyaki sauce. I hate how other restaurants make me pay for eating rubbery squids.

Ika Yaki Yakimono Php210

Shokuji Iced Tea Php52

Boyet got their special lemon tea mix while I opted to have their fresh calamansi juice. You have the option to have your calamansi juice hot, lukewarm or cold.

Calamansi Juice Php70

Shokuji Bar and Restaurant
Ground Floor LPL Center
San Agustin corner Sedeno St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City


  1. This restaurant is fairly expensive but I know you seem to find that it's worth it. I hope the restaurant could come up with a branch in QC so I can try it out.

  2. Nice review! The food looks delicious!

  3. I love this blog, it's defo one of my favorites, the food all looks so fantastic! Well done.


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