Restaurant Review: Rai Rai Ken Ramen House and Sushi Bar

We were not supposed to go out last Sunday to have my brother’s birthday celebration. He is graduating this March so his tight schedule did not permit it. But he had a last-minute change of heart. It was already late so we just went to Robinson’s Place Manila.

My mom begged off for pizza so she suggested Super Bowl. But since it was my brother’s day, we followed his wish for Japanese food.

We have been passing by Rai Rai Ken for so long but we didn’t have the interest to try it out. We arrived a little before 7 p.m. so the place wasn’t crowded. One trivial thing that caught my attention is that the waiting staff is not familiar with the menu. She wasn’t able to offer us any useful suggestions and she had a hard time answering our inquiries.

My dad asked if they have free soup. They served us four bowls of tasty soup which warmed our stomachs. I badly needed something hot because of my dry and scratchy throat.

IMG_1993 Complimentary Soup

Having the appetizing soup for starters made us set our expectations high. When we asked the waitress how big the serving was for the rice, she said that it’s good for 4-5 persons. Being big rice-eaters, my dad got their Yakimeshi Platter and ordered for another cup of extra rice.

It seems like my dad miscalculated it because we weren’t able to finish the platter. It’s either the serving was really big or the Yakimeshi was just unappealing to our palates. My problem is that the top part was really tasty because of the pork toppings. But it got blander as I dug deeper into the rice.

IMG_1986Yakimeshi Platter Php255

My dad suggested we get Yakisoba instead of ramen. Well, that was a bad decision. The noodles were glistening because of too much oil and our lips started to hurt because it was too salty. If there’s one thing nice, it came really well with the tasteless Yakimeshi.

IMG_1991 Gomoku Yakisoba (Regular – Php155, Large – Php315)

I was curious with their Salmon Balls so I gave it a try. It came to our table and my eye feasted on it until I found out that it was salmon with bits of potatoes and lots and lots of salt wrapped in a breading. Now I know that my curiosity gets me into trouble. If I die of kidney failure, you know who the culprit is. Haha!

IMG_1981 Salmon Balls Php65

We also got Mixed Seafood Furai - squid rings, breaded fish, breaded crabsticks and salmon rolls. My head exploded thinking that we all had to bear the salmon rolls again. I would have appreciated it if the waitress had just given us a heads up that the Mixed Seafood already includes salmon rolls. It was nice though that it wasn’t salty, aside from the salmon rolls of course.

IMG_1988 Mixed Seafood Furai Php215

Japanese dining is never complete without maki. We weren’t adventurous that night so we settled for California Maki. Thank God this wasn’t salty so I enjoyed this the most.

IMG_1998 California Maki Php145

I told my dad to ask for water but I made a joke saying that I’m scared to ask because they might give me saltwater. After dinner, my dad had the courage to tell the waitress that most of the dishes were salty.

I know I might be too critical with Rai Rai Ken but you have to taste it to believe. I’m just giving them the benefit of the doubt that maybe we got those that were not their specialty. :)

Rai Rai Ken Ramen House and Sushi Bar
Level 4 Robinsons Place Manila


  1. I have the same problem with the saltiness of the dishes served in some restaurants that I have reviewed. What's up kaya with the cook noh? Putting too much salt on the food! Yikes~!

  2. I love Rai Rai Ken's ramen. I think more than any othe ritems on their menu, this is their specialty. :)

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