Restaurant Review: La Maison

February 12, 2010 was a special day for Boyet and I as it marked our 5th anniversary. Unlike last year when I made so much effort to surprise him, I just made him a special post this year since both of us have been really busy at work. I was worried that he prepared something really extravagant because he was really secretive and wouldn’t let me disturb him days before our anniversary. He even skipped work that day and asked me to leave the office earlier.

I asked him if he already had a place in mind but he said that I could go pick out whatever I want. Since it was a Friday nearest Valentine’s Day, I was expecting early love birds flocking the restaurants. We walked from my office in Ayala to Greenbelt 5. It was the first place we checked out because it was the nearest from where we were coming from and it is usually the least crowded. We roamed for a few minutes checking each and every restaurants when we finally settled for La Maison.

I chose the place for two reasons. First, the place was cozy and not too crowded. I was hoping we could spend some time to talk since I had so many stories from that day to tell him. And second, they were offering a pre-Valentine discount for customers! Hihi! ^_^

Service at La Maison was efficient. The waitress who served us was very friendly and accommodating. She even helped us out in choosing what to order. She was even nice enough to laugh at Boyet’s corny punchlines.

Complimentary Garlic Bread

We got Seafood Cioppino which is a tomato-based soup with shrimp, fish and mussels. I liked the soup because it wasn’t too sour and overpowering. But the fish and mussels tasted like sand which was a major turn off for me. Serving was generous as the soup came in a big bowl. We requested the waitress to split it into two bowls which she nicely obliged.

Seafood Cioppino Soup Php160

Boyet initially wanted to have the bottomless rice but I teased him that he needs to get back to his Derek Ramsay body. Duh! He then chose between garlic rice and La Maison rice. When asked what La Maison rice was, the waitress said that the rice is sauteed in a generous amount of garlic with their secret seasoning. Fascinated by the description, Boyet settled for La Maison rice.

La Maison Rice Php50

He started giggling after he tasted the rice. He said that the seasoning wasn’t too big a secret. When I asked him how he knew of it, he pointed to a bottle in front of him: Knorr Seasoning! Haha!

We also got baby back ribs which was actually good for 2-3 persons. I was frightened at my first glance at the ribs because it was burnt. It was nice though that there wasn’t any bitter taste. Let’s just hope that the carcinogens won’t kill me. I liked it very much because the meat was moist and tender. I loved the special sauce which was sweet and a little spicy.

Baby Back Ribs Php425

I wasn’t in the mood to have rice so I opted to get Carbonara instead. Pasta cooked al dente in white sauce with a liberal amount of mushroom and bacon. Every strand of the pasta was well coated by the cream which gave my palate a real treat.

Carbonara (Solo) Php210

Boyet got the refreshing apple carrot shake while I settled for orange juice. I looked at the menu and was stunned at why a simple juice costs more than the shake. I later on found the answer on my first sip. It was fresh and my tongue could feel the orange pulps.

Orange Juice Php170

Apple Carrot Shake Php125

We stayed there for a while but we had to hurry home because my stomach was so upset after eating a double cheeseburger, fries and Sprite float from McDonald’s for lunch.

Oohh, maybe you were thinking what the surprise was. I have no idea! :p

La Maison
Level 3 Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati City


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! And oh maybe the seafood soup thingy is not fresh anymore... xoxo

  2. Thanks *MrsMartinez* :) Yeah, I was thinking that the fish and the mussels were not fresh. :(


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