Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?

If you are a Filipino, chances are you know what I’m talking about. Having the 2010 election just around the corner, politicians are all up and about making sure that they are being “known”. But this one is probably the newest craze in town. If you watch a nightly soap opera on any channel, it’s impossible not to catch it. I woke up at nine in the morning and was surprised that it is being played. I was more surprised when I heard it on the radio. Just a few nights ago, I heard a group of kids singing this jingle in unison. Ok fine, I am also guilty of this. I took the effort to memorize the lyrics making sure that I catch it every time it gets played on air. When I finally bragged to Boyet that I already know the song by heart, I found out that they were already showing the lyrics at the bottom of the screen. Talk about wasted efforts!

Let me get it straight though. I am not in any way promoting this guy. He still hasn’t won my vote, in fact none of the aspiring presidential candidates has. But I think I will not be voting for this guy, unless he gives me a new house. (Of course I’m kidding! I have principles, you know? But I’ll consider just in case he decides to give me one. Hehe!) But it’s still very early to tell. A lot of things can still happen in the coming months. But given this jingle, I think this guy has a shot! Haha! But let’s not forget that election is not a clean game. His opponents and critics found a way to make fun of him. Oh God, Filipinos are just so creative! I received this email from Boyet and I found myself in the four corners of my office cubicle laughing out loud.

It actually took me minutes to recover. I forwarded it to a few people and was surprised when my office mate Justine replied to my email with this.

Apparently, this is a viral photo on Facebook. I remember that there was a time when my day wasn’t complete without receiving an Erap joke forwarded through SMS. Those were the days when everybody was revolting against his presidency. Despite all the hype and the intensity of emotions from various groups asking him to step down, Pinoy’s sense of humor could never be disregarded. I have to admit that I sort of missed the Erap jokes when he stepped down. It’s happening again. But this time, it's not limited to one guy. Everybody is making fun of everybody.

Flooding on Twitter and SMS:

_____ : Sipag at Tyaga
_____ : Galing at Talino

_____ : Mama at Papa

Hahaha! Onli in da Pilipins! Who said Philippine politics is boring?

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  1. hope this time around.. we can elect leaders that are God-fearing ... I believe the EPICENTER conference were able to have the presidentiables as audience... so hopefully, that made a great impact on them


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