Ashley's Makeover

Kids of this generation amaze me. They can go online on Facebook as young as five years old when I remember learning how to turn on a computer at fifth grade. I remember myself going at the back of the class when the teacher looks for hands to volunteer for a school dance; while young girls nowadays know all the dance steps of Luningning, Milagring, and that CONGRATULATIONS girl in Wowowee that annoys me! I can hear kids talking openly about their crushes, discussing having a boyfriend/girlfriend, and even getting married.

Take my three-year old niece/goddaughter Ashley as an example.

The first two pictures were taken a week ago. Then just yesterday, we all noticed a big difference.

Take a closer look if you hadn’t noticed yet.

Have you noticed how her eyebrows seem a little off?

I don’t even know how to pluck my eyebrows and there she was shaving hers!

But wait there's more!

Now I’ll ask her to teach me how to use that red thingy called lipstick.

Kids, don’t rush in life.

Take it from me, being an adult sometimes sucks.

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  1. kumusta nmn si Ashley. Anyway, atlist nde nya shave lahat ng kilay nya and then draw a fake one using pentelpen. I have a cuz who did that. wahahaha...but the red lipstick caught me off guard.. talagang RED!


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