A Breeze of Good Deeds # 9: Beautifully Imperfect

I saw this video and I immediately decided that this deserves a place in my blog. But I started choking and couldn’t find the right words after watching it. See for yourself.

My father used to say that getting married is a gamble. You do not always win. I have witnessed that my parents’ marriage is imperfect. They fight worse than cats and dogs. When my dad says red, my mom says green. My dad is so organized, my mom is so unsystematic. When my mom starts shouting, my dad will have the louder roar. Two different people who have stayed together for 27 years and still work out to stay together for the years to come.

I started crying when the wife started to mimic her late husband’s snore. Now I should learn how to sleep beside a car engine since Boyet snores like a monster.

It’s true though that the smallest and most annoying things about our loved ones are the ones that make us love them even more. And when they are gone, you’d wish that you’d rather live with a snoring husband rather than having to sleep soundly without him by your side. Let’s all try to be more forgiving to the shortcomings of the people we love.

Now my keyboard is all soaked up with tears. :(

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