Last Sunday, my three-year old inaanak came knocking at our door. "Tita Lenie, may ipapakita ko sayo!" She was so giddy to show us her transformation from this...

to this...

Don’t ask me what it is because I don’t have the slightest idea. All I know is that it was recommended by a dentist and that her parents had to pay Php4000 for her “grillz”. A few months ago, she kept on telling me that our teeth will soon look alike. I kept on telling her that she still couldn’t get braces until she gets older. Obviously, she was telling the truth.

I used to persuade her not to eat too much sweets because her teeth might fall off too soon. But everybody was bribing her with chocolates. The funny thing is that, my mom tried to entice her with chocolates bet she refused. Because according to her, “Masisira ang ngipin ko e!”

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