Restaurant Review: Volare

I sent an IM to Boyet on a Friday afternoon telling him that I wanted to have a food trip. He asked me if I was still craving for Chinese food and I gave him a big NO! I could sense his relief when I said no because he is definitely getting tired of Chinese food. He asked me if I already have something in mind so I told him that I want pizza.

After finishing my antibiotics for tonsillitis, I am still taking medicines for ulcer and iron supplement for my anemia. I am thinking that the iron supplement is giving my stomach the power of a bottomless barrel. I easily get hungry even after just finishing my last meal. So I was up for the challenge of a food trip.

We passed by a few ads for Yellow Cab and Brooklyn Pizza but I have already tried both. Our last option was Volare. It was 2 p.m. when we got there so we were their only customer. The menu says that their pastas and 12-inch pizzas are good for 2-3 persons already. I usually don’t believe restaurants when they say these stuff especially when I am eating with either Boyet or my family.

Boyet chose their Spaghetti Volare. He tried it ahead of me and pointed out that it was a little sour. A lot of people, including Boyet, are used to the Filipino-style spaghetti which is usually sweet. But I love the sourness of tomato in my spaghetti. The spaghetti is moist and well-seasoned. It comes with big chunks of beef and mushrooms that have both brought distinct flavors. There are also pieces of sausages and carrots that added color to the dish.

Spaghetti Volare Php280

I opted for the Fantasia Pizza. It has tomato sauce, cheese, mushroom, bacon and egg. Yes, egg in pizza! It was my first time to try such that was why I chose it out of curiosity. We mutually agreed that the pizza was so good! The thin crust gave way to all the flavors of the toppings.

Fantasia Pizza Php350

The pizza was well-presented with the egg yolk and parmesan cheese in the middle.

I highly recommend this place. The well-lighted exterior and pleasing staff members are plus points to the good food they offer. They also offer Volare Gelato but I was so full to try it. They are definitely telling the truth when they say that they offer huge servings. :)

Gourmet Pizza and Pasta

Ground Floor, Faura Wing, Robinson’s Place Ermita

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