Where To Eat In Binondo: Tasty Dumplings

Boyet and I got tired of the usual “mall” food so we went to the perfect place to try out something new: Chinatown! Our first time led us to the President Tea House. I had a lot of restaurants in mind but since Boyet have a bad sense of direction and mine is even worse, we couldn’t seem to find the good and popular places.

We recently tried Tasty Dumplings which is just a few steps away from the Binondo Church. We found it after almost an hour of walking and a few minutes away from giving up and probably settling for Jollibee.

The place is a typical Chinese restaurant: there are a lot of Chinese. Hehe! It’s quite noisy but the place is really clean. They mostly serve dumplings with your choice of noodles or rice. We both tried their tossed noodles for Php107. Noodles are tossed with the “secret” sauce which I got so addicted that I kept on putting it in my plate. It tastes like a mixture of fish sauce, vinegar and sugar. The noodles come with plain soup. Boyet mixed in the noodles with the soup but I chose to eat mine separately because I really wanted to savor the sauce. Food was served approximately two minutes after we ordered. Flash!

Meatball Noodles for me

Dumpling Noodles for Boyet

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