Restaurant Review: Brooklyn Pizza

Two Sundays ago, my dad kept on mumbling how much he misses the mall. Though he has just been to a mall three days ago, we gave in to his request. I was not really in the mood for mall strolling because I went out to jog for the second time that morning. Shopping was not my priority at that time so I just walked with them wherever they went. I wasn’t excited with shopping but I was ecstatic for dinner.

My mom was craving for pizza so we tried Brooklyn Pizza for the first time. We took advantage of their promo wherein you can get free spaghetti when you order a Jr. New Yorker pizza.

I love their pizza as much as I love their spaghetti meatballs. The al dente pasta complements the beefy smoky taste of the meatballs.

I also liked their white spaghetti (forgot what it's called). It was simply made of pasta tossed in white sauce with bits of ham and mushroom. The buttery sauce was not overpowering leaving a distinct tang in my taste buds.

It was such an affordable dinner since we only spent less than Php1000 for the meal which includes 4 glasses of bottomless iced tea.

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