Restaurant Review: C2 Classic Cuisine

Boyet and I decided to avoid the Valentine’s Day rush by just staying at home last Saturday and went out on a Sunday instead. We started the day with a 10 am mass. We then headed to Robinson’s Place for lunch. Boyet opted to try the C2 Classic Cuisine. I immediately resisted because I had a feeling that there was nothing special about the place. My mom can cook sinigang and adobo. So why should I pay somebody else to cook these stuff for me? But because I had no time for arguing and I was hungry as well, I gave in.

Tinolang Binakol is just cubed chicken with coconut strips and pieces of sayote. In short, it was just tinola with buko juice. It was refreshing but I can still say that my mom’s tinola tastes better. And definitely costs less! I don’t think the restaurant spent one chicken breast for this dish.

Tinolang Binakol Php285

The adobo rice is delicious but it was a little too oily. I should have just eaten this alone without the tinolang binakol.

Adobo Rice Php105

Lumpiang Lucena was recommended by the waitress. It is their version of the spring rolls with shredded buko, vegetables and longganisa. There was nothing special about this dish. I can say that the 5-peso lumpia being sold in the carinderia absolutely tastes better than this.

Lumpiang Lucena Php180

I didn’t enjoy my lunch at C2. Service was lousy. They initially served the adobo rice and tinolang binakol without the lumpiang lucena insisting that we did not order for it. Most of the staff is inside the kitchen instead of attending to the customers, considering that there were only 5 people inside the restaurant. We had to call for the waiter thrice to give us water and twice to get our bill.

We usually give TIP to restaurants even if we they already ask for a service charge. But in this case, we weren’t in the mood to give a TIP and I was so tempted to take back the service charge because their slow service made us miss the movie that we were supposed to watch. I’m never coming back to this place. Mucho terible! Hmp!

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