The Thoughtful Joie Relevante

I have been collecting keychains for a while. If someone would ask what “pasalubong” or gift I want to receive, keychain is always the first on my list. And just before Christmas, Joie gave me a very nice couple’s keychain. :)

Just when I thought that the key ring was already her Christmas gift to me, I was wrong. She was so patient and thoughtful to give each of us a picture frame. But it was not an ordinary one. She told us that her aim was to make us all laugh. Yeah, it made me giggle a little. But everybody who saw it laughed out loud. And all of us noticed the same photo. See for yourself!

I think I have humiliated myself well enough. Hehe! But kidding aside, I appreciate the time and effort Joie put in this “craft”. Thanks Joie! :)

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  1. which reminded me na may utang pa akong keychain sayo. i have it here, di ko lang maiabot. :P

    btw, i added you to my honor roll. thanks!


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