Restaurant Review: Ajisen Ramen

Due to the long holiday break, most ATMs were either offline or out of cash. So on our way home after attending the birthday celebration of Boyet’s niece last Sunday, we dropped by Robinson’s Place Ermita to withdraw some cash. But due to Boyet’s hangover from drinking the night before, he couldn't stop craving for soups. I was suggesting Tempura Japanese Grill because I loved their seafood ramen. But Boyet thought to try out Ajisen Ramen as he was thinking that I just ate at Tempura the day before. I granted his wish. Hehe! I had Kon Sarada while he had the Seafood Ramen.

Kon Sarada

Seafood Ramen

My verdict? I was so disappointed. The salad was fine but that small serving costs almost a hundred pesos. The ramen has seafood in it which is obviously why they called it seafood ramen. But it didn’t taste likewise at all! The soup was very oily. The price is not reasonable relative to the taste of the food and the service they give. The waitresses do not even smile. I am not sure if they are just tired or sloppy because of the holidays. Well, Boyet should have listened to me when I suggested we eat at Tempura. That’s the price he had to pay. Harharhar!!!

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