What would you do if you won the lottery?

If you live in the Philippines but do not know how big of a news the current pot money for the 6/58 lottery is, then you are probably living under a rock! The one billion pesos which is approximately 19 million US dollars prize broke all records in the history of Philippine lottery. For weeks, people have been lining up in lotto outlets to bet, hoping to beat the odds and become an instant billionaire. There has been a very big buzz in social media which ranges from posts showing the long queues, news on bettors who almost won the jackpot prize to people posting how they plan to spend the money in case they win.

Once during lunch time, some of my teammates were discussing how to make a bet given that there are no lotto outlets near our office. I found out from an office mate that it’s actually possible to bet on the lottery online. I’m not sure if it’s through an app, but I heard that you provide the numbers, and somebody else will line up for you to place the bet. The catch is that they charge depending on how long they stayed lining up at the outlet! I didn’t even know that this was possible. I think I should go out of my cave more often. Hihi! I guess we’re succeeding in coping with the fast-paced world of technology. I remember a few years ago when my husband and I, along with our close friends, Jeff and Joie, went to a hotel casino. We had fun playing at the slot machines, but we had more fun watching people playing the blackjack. Although I had no idea most of the time of what’s going on, I enjoyed hearing all the cheers coming from those who are winning! Haha! But just like in the lottery, it’s also now possible to have fun with casinos online. I went back to a hotel casino a couple of times after our first try, and in all instances, the security guards refused to grant me entry thinking that I’m a minor. I took that as a compliment, of course.

My husband and I bet on the lottery once in a while, but we decided to skip this one because we know how difficult it will be to have such massive amount of money in an instant! There are days when we would talk about how we would spend all our winnings, but there are also days when we’re convinced that being filthy rich will probably make us crazy! Haha. I’m only human so I find delight in occasional daydreaming on the things I’ll do in case I win the lottery. It would be nice if I could pay Liam Neeson to read me a bedtime story or spontaneously fly to Italy via my own plane just because I craved for pizza. Haha! But seriously, I would love to completely pay our house amortization, buy some real estate properties so we can lease for some passive income, get a trust fund for Zayne, buy more life insurances, get a franchise of my favorite Potato Corner, increase the number of our World Vision scholars, and travel the world! My husband and I even have a concrete plan on how we can stay low-key so people will not even suspect that we won the lottery! Hahaha!

How about you, guys? What would you do if you won the lottery? :)

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