Our Little Kolokoy

After our four-year wait, our Little Kolokoy, Zayne, has finally arrived! On November 7, my husband and I went to St. Luke’s BGC for what we only thought was a routine weekly checkup, but we ended up not going home that day. We welcomed her into our loving arms the following day, November 8. I’ll reserve a separate post for my birthing story. For now, allow me to share with you some bits and pieces of the five-pounder girl who changed our lives forever!

Frances means free. We also chose this because my husband and I were deeply touched by the recent visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. We braved traffic, a large crowd and even heavy rains just to have a glimpse of Lolo Kiko. And after countless of attempts, we finally succeeded when he celebrated mass in Luneta. Having a baby this year was also one of the many things that I fervently prayed during that mass. And I guess our four-year journey is somehow similar to what we went through during his visit.

During the four years that we were praying for a child, my husband and I asked for the intercessions of two saints – St. Pio and St. Gerard. Boyet and I agreed to name our first born Gerard, if we’re gifted with a son, and Pia if we’re blessed with a daughter. Pia also means pious or spiritual. We want to remind our daughter that she is the best proof that nothing is impossible with prayers.

Boyet and I wanted our kids’ names to start with the letter Z. Zayne is technically a boy’s name. It’s usually pronounced as ZEYN so we pronounce our daughter’s name as ZEY-NI to make it sound like a girl’s name. Hahaha! :p Zayne means “God is gracious”. I believe it’s only fitting to name her Zayne because she is and will always be a testament of God’s grace in our lives.

People around us tell us how strong she is. She fought really hard for her life from the very start. And when you hear about my birthing story, you’ll agree with me that she is one strong baby. Now that she’s out, Zayne still continues to surprise us every single day. The doctors, nurses and even the lactation experts at St. Luke’s BGC told us that we’re lucky because she effortlessly latches to me. They also said that Zayne’s sucking “skill” make it easier for me to produce more breast milk.

Her motor skills also amaze us! And I’m pretty sure that she didn’t inherit them from me. Haha! We were surprised that she could swiftly move her head when we make her burp. While we were still in the hospital, she cried really hard when I tried to feed her while I was sitting down. (She got so used to being fed in side-lying position.) It actually took three (yes, three) pediatricians to restrain her! Iskandalosang bata! Hahaha! :p There are also countless of times when we would find her at the edge of her crib! Sobrang likot! People who have been visiting her in our house were amazed because she can already tilt her head, and she can lift both her legs to touch her tummy! Because of these, people get so scared carrying her. Making her burp and changing her diaper have become arduous tasks for me and Tatay! And oh, when she was just barely a week old, I found her almost succeeding in lying on her tummy! I texted Mama, “Mama, nahuli ko si Zayne na sinusubukan na dumapa!!!” Sabi ni Mama, “Weh?!” Hahahaha! :p

She’s also very ginawin. I know that it’s common for newborns, but she’s very much like her Tatay. Tipid sa aircon! Nyahaha! People say that she got my lips and my super duper taray eyebrows! I think she got her Tatay’s eyelashes. I actually prayed for that because Boyet’s lashes look better than mine. She got my kunot ng noo, but she also got her Tatay’s wackiness! She loves making faces! Bwahahaha! And oh, I think she got her Tatay’s atomic bomb-like fart! Parang hindi babae kung makautot! Nyahahahaha! :p

Ok, ok! I think I might be boring you with my stories so let me just share with you some of our little one’s photos and videos! Ako na ang stage nanay! :p

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Duck Face?! :p


This crib is tooooo big for me!

Kanina lang nasa gitna ka, ha?!

Bedtime story with Tatay ^_^

A photo posted by Jerellt Abenoja-Andrade (@dahwanderer) on

A photo posted by Jerellt Abenoja-Andrade (@dahwanderer) on

So in case I go on blogging hiatus once again, you know who to blame! :p


  1. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! She is perfect! :) Thank you for writing about your journey, my husband and I are also trying to conceive and I am so inspired by your story, your faith and ultimately the delivery of God's promise to you and your husband :) May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly! :)

  2. She is so cute!!!! Nakakamiss yung may ganyang kaliit na baby sa bahay! Enjoy every moment!

  3. Tawang tawa ako sa itsura nya sa bedtime story. Hahaha! Parang bored na bored. Ilabas ang Nicholas Sparks na novels! Kiddie stories are so boring daw. hihihi!

  4. Awww, nakakapanggigil ang ka-cute-an mo, Zayne! Galing naman, muntik na dumapa mag-isa. Soon, ikaw na ang bibida sa Kolokoy Household at patatawanin mo kaming lahat na readers ng mommy mo. Stay safe and healthy! :)

  5. Hello Bebe Girl!!!! Alam mo naalala ko lahat ng posts mo about sa pregnancy struggles. Parang akong nanonood ngayon ng reality TV. eto na yun eh, hindi ito ending, the start of a happiest beginning!!! Happy for you and the entire Team Kolokoy at shempre,sure ako na this is the best Xmas for you.


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