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Online shops are sprouting like mushrooms. This gives busy people like me an alternative in buying things in just one click. Aside from saving my time, a lot of online shops also offer cheaper alternatives. It saves your precious time and your hard-earned money.

I can’t remember the last time I splurged on something for myself. When I want to buy something, I still need to check my bank accounts and make sure that the money we’re allotting for our house will not be compromised. Then I realized that I work hard for my money so I might as well give in to my wants once in a while.

Fab and Dainty Boutique is owned by Sasa, a SAHM who we met through a common friend. When she invited me to check out some of the items she’s selling, I told myself that I could never afford any of those. Tory Burch, Coach, Lacoste, these brands cost a fortune! But when she told me how much she’s selling the items, I realized that the prices are really competitive!

I was really surprised that most of the luxury brands they are selling are way cheaper compared with the high-end malls. For those who are suspicious, Fab and Dainty Boutique sells authentic products! Hindi lahat ng mura, galing ng China! Harharhar!!!

I recently purchased a Lacoste tote bag. I know how much it costs in the mall. Umaasa akong mag-sale siya sa Lacoste e! =)) But thanks to Fab and Dainty Boutique, I saved a lot! When the bag was delivered to our house, it comes with Lacoste tags, sticker and paper bag.


So in case you’re itching to indulge yourself in online shopping but you don’t want to strain your wallet, check out Fab and Dainty Boutique. Plus, Sasa is super nice! =)

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