A salute to All Gordon Volunteers

I received a lot of good responses from my previous blog entry. I know it’s lengthy but I couldn’t stop once I started writing it. I got comments ranging from showing their support for Dick Gordon, personal experiences with the guy and even people who openly admitted to switching from another candidate in favor of Gordon. I even printed copies to share it to relatives who do not have access to the internet. I am very glad that I served its purpose. I am happy that I became a part of educating people in making the right choice. And I am really surprised with how my blog made it to various networking sites and forums like pinoyexchane, femalenetwork and even tipidpc. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so.

The only thing that can make me withdraw my support to Dick Gordon

But I felt that my effort in writing that entry is not enough. It can only reach those who have computers. So when my officemate Jonah asked me if I want to give out flyers and other campaign materials, I said yes. Jonah, Mark, JK, Louie, Joie, Zel, Marwin, Ogie, Mei, my friend Aubrey and even the non-voter Me-anne joined hands in segregating more than 1000 campaign materials - flyers, calendars, stickers and fans. While I was doing it, I asked myself when I started campaigning for Gordon. Choosing him is a no-brainer. Even with all the stupid surveys, I was already convinced that I will be voting for him. But as the days pass by, I noticed the mind-conditioning power of these surveys. I then saw some friends posting Gordon videos and news clips in Facebook. So I told myself that I did it because somebody started it. I was still inhibited so I started posting occasionally. But when I realized that more and more people are supporting him, my spirits went up. I know that I am not alone in this battle.

When we finished the 1000 campaign materials, we were so surprised how a lot of our officemates asked if they could help. To borrow Mei’s description – we were moving heaven and earth. And Jonah said “Yey, dumadami na tayo!” Again, because someone started it.

Apart from the 1000 materials, Boyet got additional 200 from the headquarters. I gave my mom a few flyers and she went home with a hoarse voice because she tried to convince more people to vote for Gordon. Some went to my friend Jencie who had the guts to go to a Noynoy rally to distribute the flyers. Yesterday, Boyet and I went to a market to give out the flyers. Some reactions were so disappointing. They were asking for t-shirts. Some asked Boyet if there was money inside the flyers. It only shows how uneducated our voters are. They are willing to sell their future for a small amount of money. But that was our purpose in the first place, to show Gordon’s accomplishments to the masses who were blinded by the political advertisements. You have no idea how we felt when we saw people taking time to read the flyers. I know some of them just asked for the flyers to get the fans. But at least, the name Gordon is already included in the list of presidentiables in their minds.

Gordon does not have the money to pay for the political advertisements. But his accomplishments should be enough to speak of what kind of a leader he was, he is and he will be. Gordon does not have the money and connections for the machinery to pay for the poll watchers, TV personalities and people to distribute his campaign materials. But he has the passionate volunteers who are hungry for change. I salute all the volunteers who are spending their time, efforts and even money just so that people will know that Gordon is the best option. You may call us cheap. Yes we are cheap – we work for free. Our principles are not for sale. You may call us desperate. Yes we are desperate to have the competent Dick Gordon the president of the Philippines.


Election is just a day away. So I asked myself if I am voting for the right person. I did more research hoping that the diehard Gordonite in me will vanish. I even went from one fan page to another. I was awed when I found out that there are more people in their pages. But they don’t have much to say. To borrow Marwin's favorite line - Walang sustansiya...

Go Noynoy! Make your mom and dad proud!
Sama-sama tayo sa daang matuwid!
Mga maka-Noynoy, tulungan nyo kami nangungulelat tayo sa online poll!

President Erap, idol ka ng tatay ko!
Ibalik si Erap sa Malacañang!

I went to a Manny Villar page but there are no posts from people. I am not sure if they are not allowed to post on the wall, or they are just too embarrassed to do so. My last stop was Gibo’s page.

Gibo FTW!
Pag si Gibo ang nanalo, pogi na ang presidente maganda pa ang first lady.
Kay Gibo kami dahil walang kibo!

And then I realized that I am on the right fan page. I am with the right people. I have the right friends. I am voting for the right president.

I already made a long explanation regarding Erap, Villar and Noynoy. So I’ll make this post a direct comparison between Gibo and Gordon. We also say Gordon FTW! But we have facts to prove just in case a non-Gordon believer challenges our choice.

To those Gibo supporters calling us to vote for Gibo instead, your pleas will surely be dismissed. Some may even laugh at the mere idea. Gordon has more experience in terms of leadership. Gordon may be older but let’s take back the time when Gordon was forty years old, same age as Gibo, and then compare their achievements.

Gibo para sa mga walang kibo? Tara mag-sign language tayong lahat! Do you want a quiet and meek president? I don’t want one.

I hope they are not serious when they said they want a handsome president and a beautiful first lady. We might as well convince Richard Gomez and Aga Muhlach to run as presidents on 2016!

Unfortunately, people have very short memory span. When did Gibo rise? I only heard of him when Ondoy hit the Philippines. Being the NDCC secretary, it is his job in the first place to address Ondoy. But where was Gibo, and all the other presidentiables during Mt. Pinatubo eruption, 1990 killer quake, all the sea catastrophes, Wowowee stampede, Glorietta blast, Ondoy and all the other typhoons that hit our country. E ni hindi pa nga ata naputikan ang presidente nyo. And these were only his participation as a Red Cross volunteer, which he is not paid to do. That alone should make us reconsider. Gibo does not have something like Olongapo to brag. He does not have the automated elections and his fight for the war veterans in his resume. And believe me, he does not have the most passionate and most hardworking volunteers who are willing to work for the country in case he wins. If Gordon doesn't make it, I'm sure there are plenty who will become Red Cross volunteers. People just remember Gordon as the hot-tempered guy who slammed the survey firms, the one who said that ABS-CBN is biased, and the one who refused to be called chicken shit on radio. They chose to forget the other brilliant things that the guy did for this country. But all Gordon supporters never forget. So if you are asking us to vote for Gibo instead, you’ll just be disappointed.

32003_395229608583_640023583_3939845_3760666_nWhat has your president done today?
Photo taken from facebook.com/votegordon

I initially thought that I would get into trouble by supporting Gordon. I’ve seen friends who have engaged into heated discussions just to enlighten others’ minds about Gordon’s competence. I know that my real friends will understand me. I know that after this political commotion, we will still be friends. But I have to thank Richard Gordon for making me a new person. I gained new friends - some of them are officemates who I didn’t even say ‘Hi’ to before. I learned my ability to stand up for what I believe in. I gained the confidence to be in front of strangers. I realized that I have the power to make a difference. I am proud of what I have become. So ask yourself, did your president inspire you to become a better person?

I told in my previous post that I will vote for Dick Gordon unless a sex scandal of him comes out before May 10. Oh well, I found one in youtube!



  1. according to my friend, GORDON is already #1 in internet surveys... sana magmaterialize tomorrow

  2. Sana Mei, sana. Thanks for all the help Mei! Kiss mo ko kay Yonky! :)

  3. pinopost ko entries mo forums, marami pang mauuntog sa katotohanan

  4. Kung wala si GORDON walang automated election... un lang. Di ako pinaboto ng lintek na comelec. My status was deactivated. I asked them over the phone if I need to re register and also over the internet during the registration period. But the day before the election, I couldn't find my name... bummer! Ang sagot sa akin nun taga comelec "hindi lang ikaw ang wala sa listahan" pwede ba un? Sa boss daw nila ako mag reklamo. The hell , di ba?
    I am so pissed to say the least.

  5. That's exactly my point. The media are hailing COMELEC for the successful automated elections but nobody ever mentioned the man behind it - Dick Gordon.

    "hindi lang ikaw ang wala sa listahan" <-- stupid excuse! Arghhh!


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